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  Hi, and welcome to Big Banana! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! We have eight contestants
who will be staying in the Big Banana house. The winner shall receive the glorious golden
banana hoard on Donkey Kong Island! Good luck to all of the contestants!

  Find out about the contestants in the game, where they'll be staying and how all of the rules work by going into the About Big Banana section. Click on the current Big Banana Week to see what the Big Banana contestants are up to in the Big Banana house! If you've just found this page, start by reading the About Big Banana section, and then continue on to Week 1.

About Big Banana
Big Banana - Week One
Big Banana - Week Two
Big Banana - Week Three
Big Banana - Week Four
Big Banana - Week Five
Big Banana - Week Six
Big Banana - Epilogue

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