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Week Five

Swanky: Welcome to our fifth week of Big Banana! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! Let's head
              on into the house to let our fair contestants (that even counts K-Rool) know who is
              the next official contestant to leave the house.

Inside the Big Banana House in the living room
K-Rool: Yeah, take that!
Tiny: Noooo...stupid orange grenade gun...Krusha's a cheap character!
K-Rool: Suurrrrre...accept loss, kid. Shoot me with the feather, nya nya!
DK: Gotcha Diddy!
Diddy: Wha....DK! I was trying to get K-Rool!
DK: Never stop paying attention, little buddy! Hey, what's happening to the screen?
K-Rool: Darn it, I was just about to get rid of Tiny's last life too...
Swanky: Ahem. The vote have all been counted, and the next contestant to leave will be K-Rool.
              K-Rool, you have two minutes to pack your possessions and say your goodbyes. The
              rest of you may go back to your activities.
K-Rool: Not if you can't catch me! *trys to run*
DK: *grabs K-Rool's cape* Nice try, K-Rool. You must go now...the door's that way.
K-Rool: You can let me go now, I'm leaving. I didn't want to be around the little brat any longer
              anyway! *leaves the house*
Tiny: Nice to have known you too...
Lanky: I'm heading for bed...good night guys.
Diddy: Night Lanky!
Dixie: Shall we have another croquet match tomorrow to determine the true champion?
Lanky: Uh uh uh...none of that whining Dixie. I won fair and square, you know that.
Dixie: I know...have a good one.
Lanky: You too...*goes up the pipe*
Candy: Well, it has been a long day...I need to get up early to cook tomorrow. Good night,
DK: Hey Diddy little buddy, it's a warm night. Wanna camp out?
Diddy: Sure, but we don't have a tent...
DK: Who needs a tent? We can just take our sleeping bags out!
Diddy: Good thing I brought one...I'll be right out.
Tiny: *thinking* They're camping out, huh? Well, that means their rooms will be unoccupied.
        Now that my leg is healed up somewhat, I can walk around. Hopefully I will not get
        caught, 'cause I can't run...all I have to do is wait.

It is now two hours later...mostly everyone has gone to bed.

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: I'm going to surprise Diddy tomorrow. I'm going to make a homemade golf bag...when we
          go back to Donkey Kong Island, I'm sure Diddy is going to want to play a round of golf at
          the Banana Links Golf Club...I'm going to start right now. *thinks for a moment* Wait a sec,
          Wrinkly may have left some stuff in her room to use, I'm going to go in there.

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: I can't believe K-Rool is won't be the same around here. I guess I should get my set
           of cards back from his room...I'll go do that now, everyone is asleep anyway.

In Tiny's Room
Tiny: I'm going to teach Diddy a thing or one can pick on my friend Kiddy and get away with
        it...I'll just wait until whoever's in the hallway now is gone, then I'm heading for Diddy's room!

In the bedrooms hallway
Dixie: *bumps into Lanky* Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know anyone was awake, I wasn't paying attention!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Dixie: Thanks Lanky, I'd better be off. *heads into Wrinkly's room*
Lanky: Me too. *heads into K-Rool's room*
Tiny: *enters the hallway* Now that whoever that was is gone, I can do what I want...revenge, oh how
        sweet a word that is! *heads into Diddy's room*

In K-Rool's Room
Lanky: Interesting room he had...Kremling posters everywhere. Wait a minute, what's this book? It looks
           like a diary...*flips through the pages* This page looks interesting, that's the first day we were here
           at Big Banana...*reads a particular line* Oh my...I can't believe I'm reading this! Could it be true?

In Wrinkly's Room
Dixie: I've found the frame material, now to find the sewing materials for the bag pattern...

In Diddy's Room
Tiny: Diddy's room is as neat as mine...amazing, considering he is of the male ape gender. What on earth
         is this? A piece of paper, all crumpled up... *reads it* Oh, this is perfect! I can make Diddy and
         Dixie so distant from each other, just with this piece of paper! I've found what I need!

Outside the Big Banana House
DK: So little buddy, that was some dinner you had for Dixie, huh?
Diddy: Yeah, she loved it. You should try it with Candy.
DK: I think I will...just not here, I don't want anyone else to copy my charm.
Diddy: *thinking* Not that you have any. *talking out loud* Good night, DK.
DK: Good night, little buddy.

In Wrinkly's Room
Dixie: Oh good, I've found the materials...all I need is the fabric.

In the bedrooms hallway
Tiny: *enters the hallway* Time to take this evidence to my room...poor Diddy doesn't know what he's
         got coming to him tomorrow! Ha ha ha! *goes into her room*
Lanky: *enters the hallway* I just can't believe it...I'm going to have to sleep on this one...too much for
            me to handle all at once. *goes into his room*

In Wrinkly's Room
Dixie: Good, I have everything I need. Tomorrow Diddy is going to get the surprise of his life! *heads
          back to her room*

  It is 8:00 AM the next morning. A lot is going on, a lot more than some contestants are aware of.
Candy: Time to start cooking breakfast...I sure wish Wrinkly were still here.
Lanky: Good morning Candy! Have a good sleep?
Candy: Better than most...probably was from exhaustion. And you?
Lanky: Had a bad one...something's on my mind.
Candy: May I ask if we can talk about it?
Lanky: Lagoo!
Candy: *laughs* Okay...can we talk about it?
Lanky: Sure.
Candy: Let me just put the first french toast on the fryer...there we go. So, what's on your mind, Lanky?
Lanky: I've just found out something about K-Rool and why he was friendly to me.
Candy: I'm guessing it's something devastating.
Lanky: Right...I just can't believe he'd do this to me.
Candy: What did he do to you?
Lanky: I found out his mission was to befriend one of us, and then get the directions to the banana
           hoard in order to take it for himself in case he lost.
Candy: In other words, he wanted to assure his gaining of the banana hoard, and he used you.
Lanky: Yeah...I'm still heartbroken, I really thought he wanted to be friendly with me.
Candy: Did he get the directions?
Lanky: I don't think so...nothing's missing from my room. And please don't say I told you
           were right from the beginning, Candy. K-Rool meant trouble.
Candy: I could never say that to're my friend, Lanky. More important, you're family. Do not
            ever think I would betray you like that...that's something for Tiny to do.
Tiny: *walks in* Did I hear yours truly being mentioned?
Candy: *rolls her eyes* Good morning, Tiny. Did you sleep well?
Tiny: Yup...the best night I've ever had, probably.
Lanky: *locks eyes with Candy, knowing trouble is afoot*
Candy: I'd better check on the french toast...settle in, Tiny. You can eat first. Lanky, call the boys in,
            won't you please?
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: Grrrrr...

Outside the Big Banana House
DK: Thanks for doing weights with me, little buddy! Always more fun when someone else is there...
Diddy: No problem...*goes bug-eyed* You can bench-press 1000 pounds?
DK: Of course...any ape can with practice.
Lanky: *leans out door* For now, you can practice running inside for breakfast.
Diddy: Awesome! Race you inside, DK!

In the kitchen
Candy: Well, everyone's here, right?
DK: *dashes in* I WIN!
Diddy: No fair, you tripped me!
DK: You fell flat on your face by tripping over a rock, little buddy!
Diddy: You tripped me!
DK: You fell!
Diddy: Tripped!
DK: Fell!
Diddy: Tripped!
Lanky: LAGOO!
DK: Oh, you're right Lanky. Sorry...go ahead, Candy.
Candy: Thank you Lanky...and we bless this food which we are about to eat. Amen!
Diddy: *chewing* Hey, where's Dixie?

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: The bag framework is finished, and the basic layer is finished. Now for the pattern, and
          then the fake leather on top...first I think I'll eat though. *heads for kitchen*

In the kitchen
Lanky: There you are, Dixie! What kept you?
Dixie: *lying* Oh, I just slept in...sorry.
Candy: Plenty left, dig in!

  It is after breakfast...Tiny's headed to her room to launch her plan, Dixie's gone back to her room to build Diddy his golf bag, and DK, Lanky and Diddy are playing Nintendo in the living room where Candy is knitting.
DK: Ha ha, you landed on the Red Space!
Diddy: I only lost 10 coins, and besides, you just landed on the Bowser Space and lost a star!
Lanky: While you fools were arguing, I just got the Bowser Bomb!
DK: Oh no!
Lanky: Ha ha, now that it's the end of the turn, Bowser will run into you and take all your coins!
Diddy: Only if he...rolls...high...enough.
Lanky: Aww, the poor boys. Can't hold onto their coins.
DK: You're getting too cocky...Bowser rolled 25, so he got to you too!
Lanky: Lagoo?!
Diddy: *mimics Lanky* Aww, the poor boy...
Lanky: Shut up Diddy!
Diddy: Shut up yourself!
Candy: *groans*

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: It's done...he'll love it! The bag is so perfect...I'm going to give it to him right now.

In Tiny's Room
Tiny: Let's see...what does this rejected poem note say?
        "My love for you goes beyond money,
          I can't live without you.
          Your voice is as sweet as honey,
          You sing like a dove going coo."
                                From your dear Diddy
Tiny: Looks like Diddy isn't much of a poetic person. Time to change things a little...let's
        take some white pencil crayons and a pencil and edit it a little...hee hee! There we go...
        now it says:
        "My love for you goes on money,
          I can live without you.
          Your voice is ass, honey,
          You sing like a dove going poo."
                                From your dear Diddy
Tiny: A true masterpiece! Time to take this to Dixie's room...I can hear the sparks flying already!

In the family room
Diddy: Beat you at Bumper Balls!
DK: Don't you hate it when your controller jams?
Diddy: Nice try, DK.
Dixie: Diddy, I have a surprise for you!
Diddy: Really? What is it?
Dixie: Here you go!
Diddy: A golf bag? For me? Oh, thank you Dixie!
Dixie: I made it myself...
Diddy: Just amazing...thank you honey. I wish I had something to give you back.
Dixie: Don't worry...enjoy the bag.
Diddy: I'll use it next time I golf.
Tiny: Hi long until dinner?
Candy: Should be an hour or two yet, Tiny. We're just having left-overs tonight.
Tiny: Thanks Candy...I'm going off to the bathroom. *turns into the bedrooms hallway*
Lanky: Something strange is going on...I can feel it.
Candy: I agree...Tiny's being too nice.

In the bedrooms hallway
Tiny: Time to go into Dixie's room...*places note on counter in Dixie's room along with a dead
         flower, and leaves* I've left everything just perfect...time to head to the bathroom, and
         wait for the fight to begin!

In the family room
DK: I'm tired of playing Nintendo.
Diddy: Just because you're losing doesn't mean you can quit.
DK: No, I mean it, I'm tired of playing.
Tiny: *walks in* Why don't you play a board game?
Diddy: What kind, shrimp?
Tiny: *ignoring Diddy* Why don't you play Yahtzee?
DK: Good idea...anyone know where it is?
Candy: I think it's in Dixie's room.
Dixie: I'll go get right back.
Tiny: *thinking* Oh, Kiddy would be so proud to see this happening! It's picture perfect!

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: Got the Yahtzee game...why, Diddy's left a poem...but with a dead flower? *reads
          poem* Oh my! *sobs* How could he do this? *recovers* I'd better take the game to
          them...they're probably waiting.

In the family room
Dixie: *walks in* Here's the game...oh and Diddy, I've got another surprise for you.
Diddy: Really, what is it?
Dixie: *slaps Diddy across the face* Hope that was better than the last surprise! *stomps off
            to her room*
Diddy: That hurt...what was that all about?

In the kitchen
Tiny: Worked like a charm...poor Dixie.
Candy: More like poor Tiny!
Tiny: *acting innocent* I beg your pardon?
Candy: I heard everything...tell me what you did Tiny, or there will be a price to pay!
Tiny: I, um, er...
Candy: SPEAK UP!
Lanky: *walks in* Tiny really has gotten to you this time I see, Candy.
Candy: She's somehow managed to get Dixie to slap Diddy across the face and separate
            the two of them.
Lanky: Tell us, Tiny, or you'll be sleeping outside tonight...I hear that wolves come into the
            backyard sometimes.
Tiny: No, not that! I'll tell you!
Candy: What did you do?
Tiny: I took a poem Diddy wrote and changed it. *recites the poem*
Lanky: Tiny, that's horrible! You go to your sister right now and tell her what you did!
Tiny: Never!
Lanky: Apparently they especially like to eat liars...
Tiny: Fine fine, I'll apologize. Sheesh!

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: I can't believe that double-crossing chimp was ever my boyfriend! He deserved a
         much bigger slap than that.
Tiny: *walks in*
Dixie: Great, and I didn't even say 'Could things get possibly any worse?'
Tiny: I came to apologize, sister.
Dixie: For what? If anything Diddy should be groveling right now!
Candy: *walks in* Actually, Tiny is about to explain what really happened.
Dixie: Tiny?
Tiny: I, um, wrote a funny poem, and left it on your desk.
Dixie: *lunges at Tiny* Let me at her, let me at her!
Candy: Calm down, Dixie, calm down! *turns to Tiny* Dixie, I'm sure you'll be happy to know
            that Tiny must vacuum and mop the kitchen floor this can even tell her where
            there is a dirty spot.
Tiny: But Candy...
Candy: No buts, you're lucky you haven't got any worse...

  It is now after dinner. The challenge is being issued in a half hour, and Tiny must start the tedious job of cleaning up the kitchen.
Tiny: How come there's so many crumbs on the floor?
Dixie: *thinking* Hmmm, I wonder if I was a little too messy at the dinner table today? *talking
           out loud* You missed those crumbs right there, Tiny.
Tiny: Grrrrr... *turns her back to Dixie*
Dixie: *tosses crumbs onto other side of kitchen* Sheesh Tiny, let's see some effort! Look at all
          those crumbs! We can't have that!
Tiny: *vacuums for a minute* Phew, finally done!
Dixie: *hands Tiny the mop and bucket* Time to do the floor, dear sister...
Tiny: Hmmph!
Diddy: *walks in, and purposely trips over Dixie's foot* Oh no, my hot chocolate!
Dixie: It made a huge blotch stain on the floor! Diddy, how could you? Poor Tiny has to clean all
          that up with the mop! *leaves the room*
Diddy: Wait for me!

In the family room
Dixie: *bursts out laughing*
DK: That was too funny, Dix! Tiny's getting just what she deserves.
Diddy: Stop laughing now, Dixie, or Tiny will hear.
Candy: *goes into kitchen, and comes back out with Tiny* Tiny's she must do one
             last thing and her punishment is through.
Tiny: Please no, I'll do more housework!
Candy: Sorry Tiny, you have to. Get down on your knees and say 'I lose' right now.
Tiny: *kneeling* I...l-l-lose... *leaves to her room in humiliation*
Lanky: Weren't we a bit hard on her?
Candy: Not at all...she went too far in what she did this time.

It is now a half hour later, time for the challenge.
DK: Swanky's on the TV, ready to give our next challenge!
Swanky: Hello everyone, the challenge this week is simple. Basically, there are six different boxes
              located in Kiddy's room to stand on. Only one of the boxes has the 'You Win!' piece of
              paper underneath it. I will get you all to line up at the door of the room, and one by one
              go in. Diddy first, then Dixie, then Candy, then Lanky, then Tiny, and finally DK. Best of
              luck to all of you, winner as usual gets a free ticket out of banishment.
Diddy: Let's see...I'll take this one.
Dixie: I'll go on this one.
Candy: I'll go on the far right one.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: I'll go on that one.
DK: That leaves me with the far left.
Swanky: Now, all of you check under your boxes.
Candy: Yes! I win!
Swanky: Congratulations, you get a free ticket out of being banished.

  It is a little while later, and all the Kongs are preparing to vote in the yellow room.
Swanky: This week, something different will happen. Two contestants will be banished from the
              Big Banana house. Therefore, you must nominate three people in your voting. Please,
              DK, come first.
DK: I vote for Diddy, Tiny and Lanky.
Swanky: Thank you. Next!
Candy: I vote for Tiny, Diddy and DK.
Swanky: Thanks Candy. Next!
Dixie: I vote for Tiny, DK and Lanky.
Swanky: Thanks. Next...

  The votes have been determined, and Swanky is announcing the results.
Swanky: According to our votes, Lanky, Tiny and Diddy are up for banishment. Only one will
              remain, while two will leave the Big Banana House.
Tiny: I'll still win...
Lanky: Lagoo!
Diddy: *laughing* Yeah, I agree totally!
Tiny: Tell me, what did he say?
Diddy: Probably better that you don't know, Tiny.
Tiny: But please...
Diddy: Fine, he told a joke.
Tiny: What's the joke?
Diddy: How are Tiny and the taxman nearly identical?
Tiny: I don't know, how?
Diddy: They're both persistent, proud and hated by everyone!
Tiny: I shouldn't have asked...
Diddy: I told you that you shouldn't have!

  The votes have been cast and Lanky, Tiny and Diddy are all up for banishment! Which two of these three contestants will have to exit out of the Big Banana House? Only you can decide by voting in the poll below!
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