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Week Six

Swanky: Welcome to our sixth week of Big Banana! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! As many of you
              already know, we did a special type of vote last week. Two contestants must leave. Let's
              go inside and break the news to the two unlucky contestants.

Inside the Big Banana House
DK: Goin' for a right back little buddy.
Diddy: *thinking* I sure hope I'm not leaving the house...I still have to make it up to Dixie. Though I
           did nothing wrong, I must and I will make it up to her.
Swanky: *appears on the TV* Hello Kongs! I have the votes, and I'm afraid that Tiny and Diddy
              will be leaving the Big Banana House. As usual, you have two minutes to pack your bags
              and leave, contestants.
Diddy: Oh no! I can't make it up to her!
Dixie: It's okay Diddy, I know you did nothing wrong. *glares at Tiny*
Tiny: *changes the subject* See you later guys, good luck to everyone but Dixie!
Dixie: That's it! *jumps on Tiny, and the two fight*
Candy: Dixie! Tiny! Stop it!
Dixie: Not until I send my sister flying! *pounds Tiny into the wall*
Candy: *grabs Tiny* Go, Tiny, for your own sake leave.
Tiny: Why are you being nice to me?
Candy: Someone has to...
Tiny: Gee, thanks.
Candy: Now go on!
Tiny: Fine... *leaves the house*
Diddy: See you all of luck to you Dixie!
Dixie: Thanks!
DK: *comes back in the room* I heard something...what'd I miss?
Lanky: Oh, Dixie just pounded Tiny into the wall.
DK: Awesome! Congratulations on finally teaching your sister a lesson, Dix!
Candy: There should be no congratulations passed out at all, DK. Though Tiny did deserve it, there
            is no place for such violence...especially on live national television. Now let's go to bed...
            have a good night everyone.
Dixie: Good night Candy.

  It is now the last day of Big Banana, and our final four contestants have just finished breakfast.

DK: Great as always, Candy!
Candy: That's because you're having the same as you do every time I make breakfast...triple banana
            pancakes with piping hot coconut syrup.
Dixie: Say Lanky?
Lanky: Yeh?
Dixie: How about the final game of croquet to determine the true champion? We're still even at two wins
          a piece.
Lanky: Let's go!
DK: I'll just spend some time reading with you, Candy.
Candy: Sounds good...what book have you got?
DK: Let's see...'The Wonder of the Modern Banana', and it's by I. M. he a famous author?
Candy: *rolls her eyes* Never mind, DK. I've got 'Am I Fat?' by Midas Welby.
DK: *shakes his head* Candy, for the last time, you're not fat.

Outside the Big Banana House
Dixie: I've set up the course...this one's the toughest yet.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Dixie: Okay, sounds good. Let's start. *hits croquet ball* Got it through two!
Lanky: I can beat that! *hits croquet ball* Zero?
Dixie: You sure beat it, Lanky!
Lanky: Lagoo...

The living room
Candy: *shuts book* Done! Interesting book!
DK: I'm still on page one...
Candy: How so?
DK: I can't understand what has been written.
Candy: That's because you have it upside down! *turns it around*
DK: Oh...

Outside the Big Banana House
Lanky: Uh oh!
Dixie: You hit it into Lake Orangatanga! That means you've lost!
Lanky: How can it be?
Dixie: My turn...*hits croquet ball* Oh no, I duffed it!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Dixie: You're right, Lanky, it's heading for the lake!
Lanky: I guess we're both disqualified...don't know how Swanky will respond when he finds out
           his croquet balls are gone..oh well.
Dixie: Let's head back...we both one lost.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Dixie: Fine, I'll race you back...3, 2, 1, GO!

The living room
DK: Finally done! *shuts book closed*
Candy: I wonder what Lanky and Dixie are up to?
Dixie: *runs in* I WIN!
Lanky: No fair! You counted too fast, I wasn't ready to go!
Dixie: Sure Lanky...I'm the fair winner after all!
Lanky: Alright, alright, I see your point. What are you doing DK?
DK: Oh, I just finished this book.
Lanky: Ahh...what's up for lunch, Candy?
Candy: I'm going to get Dixie to help me make subs, and for dinner we're having pizza!
Dixie: Sounds great! I'll come and help with lunch.
DK: I'll play you in the Battle Arena, Lanky!
Lanky: Lagoo!
DK: Hey, where's the game cartridge?
Candy: *hands it over* I forgot to put it back after Tiny left...she was sneaking playing time
            while she was here. *goes back into the kitchen*
DK: Let the games begin!

  It is an hour later. Lunch has been made, DK and Lanky finished their competition and they are all eating at the table in the kitchen.

Lanky: Great subs, girls!
Dixie: Thanks!
Candy: Anytime...
DK: *burps*
Candy: I beg your pardon?
DK: You didn't hear me? *burps again*
Candy: DK, that's grotesque!
DK: Just a joke...sorry Candy.
Candy: So, how did the croquet competition go?
Lanky: Me and Dixie tied...
Dixie: *interrupts* We both got disqualified, because our croquet balls splashed into the lake.
Lanky: However, I did beat DK in our gaming competition.
DK: He got the crystal coconuts in the battle arena the whole time! Wait 'til we play in normal
        multiplayer mode, we'll see how you fare that way!
Lanky: Excuses, excuses...
Candy: *turns to Dixie* Why don't we start packing up our bags? Since we're all leaving tonight
            after first, second, third and fourth are determined, we might as well do it right now and
            get it all over with.
Dixie: Good idea...let's go. Lanky and DK are about to play Nintendo again anyway.

In the family room
DK: Time to turn the game on...grab your controller, Lanky.
Lanky: Lagoo!
DK: I pick me, of course.
Lanky: I pick me, too.
DK: Wanna play timed mode, or lives mode?
Lanky: Lives mode...5 lives...let's make this long.
DK: Good idea.

In the bedrooms hallway
Candy: Make sure you don't leave anything behind, Dixie! *enters her own room*
Dixie: I won't! *enters her own room*

In the living room
Lanky: I'm going to get a banana shake from the right back.
DK: Okay...I'll set up everything.

In the kitchen
Lanky: Delicious shake...what the? *thinking* I've been gagged! What's going on here?
           Wait, I'm being dragged outside. And I hear a helicopter!

In Candy's Room
Candy: Got my sewing utensils, got my books, and my...oh gosh! What's this? *picks up a note*
          "Hand over the login information needed to gain access to the banana hoard, or
              poor mister Lanky will never live to see another day. Go to Lake Orangatanga
              right now, ALONE, and don't try any tricks, or DK will be the first to suffer."
              What should I do? I know...I'll ask DK...he can help me.

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: Everything's packed my, what is this? *picks up an envelope, and opens it*
        "If you're reading this, it means that I got kicked out of the Big Banana House before
            I could apologize in person. I'm very sorry for what has happened, and I know that
            you have already said that it wasn't my fault. I just feel so bad...I'd never want to
           hurt you that way. When you come home, I'll have something good for you...make
           first place for me, okay?" Diddy
        How nice of him...I'm going to go show Candy my note.

In the bedrooms hallway
Candy: *bumps into Dixie* Oh, I'm sorry Dixie. Didn't see you there.
Dixie: I got a nice letter from Diddy...he's apologizing for what happened. *looks at Candy* You
         look pale...what's going on?
Candy: Someone's captured Lanky!

In the living room
DK: He's sure taking a long time...must have backed out of my challenge...what a chicken.
Candy: *walks in with Dixie* No DK, that's not why Lanky hasn't come back.
DK: Then what is?
Dixie: He's been captured by...wait a minute, who signed the note Candy?
Candy: It has no signature, although the handwriting technique is horrible...almost like someone had
            to quickly jab the note and leave it there.
DK: How can we save Lanky?
Candy: It says I must bring the login information to access the banana hoard to Lake Orangatanga. I
            also have to go alone and pull no tricks, otherwise Lanky dies.
DK: That sounds horrible...but I have a plan to outsmart this fiend.
Candy: DK, we don't even know who it is...and K-Rool was friendly while...
Dixie: ...he was here...and he's certainly not here anymore. Also, remember that K-Rool tried to use
         Lanky for the banana hoard info.
Candy: That's right! I guess we have our culprit. And you know, I thought I heard a helicopter while
            I was still packing. Probably just Swanky's, though.
Dixie: But wouldn't Swanky call us if he knew who had done it?
Candy: Perhaps this is just a game, and we have to play detective...
DK: Maybe, except that you Candy, are the only one who can play, and the consequences of doing
        it wrong are pretty serious.
Candy: Good point...I'm going right now to give the info.
DK: But Candy...
Candy: No buts, Lanky is more important than any old banana hoard.
DK: ...I have a plan.
Candy: Really, and what plan is that?
DK: Listen...

  It is ten minutes later, and Candy is heading to Lake Orangatanga.

Candy: Hello? Is anybody here? I've come as you asked...
????: You are wise to have come, Candy.
Candy: K-Rool!
K-Rool: Yes, it's me. Now, as I said, give the login information!
Candy: Free Lanky, and I'll do it.
K-Rool: *throws Lanky to a tree* Of course, I can still get Klump to kill him from here!
Lanky: Owww...
K-Rool: Now, keep your half of the bargain...where's the info?
Candy: I'll tell you, it's...
K-Rool: You could just tell me anything...we're heading for the banana hoard right now...if the
              password you give me is wrong, Lanky is going bye-bye.
Candy: How do we get there?
K-Rool: What do you think I brought the Flying Kroc for? Get in!
Candy: How do I know this isn't another trap?
K-Rool: How do you know it is?
Candy: Good point...*steps into the Flying Kroc*
K-Rool: Come in too, Lanky.
Klump: *kicks Lanky in* I'm coming, K-Rool!

In the Big Banana House
Swanky: Come on DK, come on Dixie, let's go in the helicopter to the others...they're setting up
              the trap right now.
Dixie: What about our stuff?
Swanky: I'll get it with Chunky when we take the house down. We need to save Lanky and get
              Candy back too!
DK: Let's go!

At the banana hoard
Cranky: Now this is something worth my time! Saving Lanky, and the damsel in distress...not quite
             like the old days, but it'll do.
Kiddy: TNT barrels are in their place, Cranky!
Cranky: get your sorry butt up there and hide behind them.
Tiny: My shrinking barrel is ready.
Cranky: Great...just make sure you actually use it for a good cause this time.
Diddy: What can I do?
Cranky: Normally I'd tell you to scram, but this time I actually have a job for you, chimp.
Diddy: Sure...what is it?
Cranky: Radio that idiot Swanky and make sure he's ahead of K-Rool!
Diddy: Okay.
Cranky: These bunch of buffoons better do their job right.
Wrinkly: Your barrels are ready for throwing, dear.
Cranky: Back to the old days...throwing the barrels down on the helpless plumber...
Diddy: *interrupts* Cranky!
Cranky: Eh, what?
Diddy: Swanky says he's landed back at DK's treehouse...they're getting the final weapon.
Cranky: Don't interrupt me when I'm thinking next time, sonny. But thanks, get Swanky to land
             nowhere near the entrance...surprise is the important element here.
Diddy: Right away!

In the Flying Kroc
Klump: Don't you think that those Kongs could have set up a trap, sir?
K-Rool: Of course they could have, Klump!
Klump: Then why aren't you doing anything about it, sir?
K-Rool: I already have...I'm sending Kaos to unlock the door...I can program the password into
             him. If those Kongs set up a trap, I can see what they've done. When it's been done...
             Lanky will die, and so will Candy!
Candy: That's not in our deal!
K-Rool: As long as there is no contract...I CAN CHANGE THE RULES IF I WANT!
Lanky: Sheesh...someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

At DK's Treehouse
DK: seems like forever since I've lived here.
Swanky: grab that weapon, and get into the helicopter!
DK: Got it...did you get the ammo, Dixie?
Dixie: Got the ammo...let's go!

At the banana hoard
Cranky: Chunky, where are you?
Chunky: I late...sorry.
Cranky: Have you got your Chunky barrel?
Chunky: I do have it.
Cranky: I've brought the invisiblity me a favor and use it right now so I have one less
             face to look at, got it?
Diddy: Cranky, they're on their way! They've just landed in the field...they have the secret weapon
           with them as well.
Cranky: Excellent, for once these useless fools are doing something right!
Dixie: *rushes up to Cranky* I've brought a pair of binoculars too...the secret weapon is being carried
          by DK and Swanky.
DK: *walks up with Swanky* It's here.
Cranky: Alright you too, take it up above the hoard and hide the weapon with bushes. You hide with
             it in the bushes. *thinking* They'll likely fall right off the ledge and kill themselves.
Dixie: I've spotted a speck in the's definitely not a bird, but it is a plane, the Flying Kroc
          to be precise!
Cranky: Everyone, to their places! When the secret weapon fires the signal...proceed with our plan!
             Tiny, Chunky, get ready, your part is coming up!
Chunky: I'm big now, and I'm invisible! I've got Tiny on my hand, and she's already shrunk.
Cranky: Good...proceed.

In the Flying Kroc
K-Rool: Time to hover in mid-air. *changes to auto-hover* Kaos!
Kaos: Yes master?
K-Rool: Down to the banana hoard...insert the password I've given you.
Kaos: It is as you command. *jumps out of the Flying Kroc with parachute*
K-Rool: Now, let's see you get out of this one, Kongs!

At the banana hoard
Wrinkly: I've got the bird poop, dear.
Cranky: Take it up to the top of the hoard hill and hide in the bushes...remember, you do your part
             when I tell you to...if even one of us messes up, and that will be most likely considering
             these fools, Lanky and Tiny will die. Now, let's hide! *jumps into a bush*
Wrinkly: Better get to my place...*finds her spot, and hides*
Kaos: *floats down* Me land to get banana hoard...master will be so proud. *enters
            the password, and the gate opens* Ha ha...master like this...I go back to Kroc.

In the sky, near the Flying Kroc
Chunky: Can you hear me, Tiny?
Tiny: Yeah, but I can't see you!
Chunky: Good, everything still work. Now, I've placed you by door...walk in through crack, and
              alert Candy and Lanky of your presence.
Tiny: Okay...what about you?
Chunky: I'm placing my hand on the wing, and shrinking back to normal size so I can go in through the
              door as soon as the time is go in.
Tiny: *goes in through the crack*
Kaos: Good, master's rocketpack in me back works. I go tell him all go well. *enters Flying Kroc*

Inside the Flying Kroc
K-Rool: Well done, Kaos! Candy did not lie!
Candy: Told you!
K-Rool: However, first I must take every last banana before you two can go. Kremlings, stand to attention!
All Kremlings: Sir, yes sir!
K-Rool: Klump, Krusha, Klampon, guard these two until we get back.
Klump: Will do!
Krusha: Definitely!
Klampon: Good as...
K-Rool: *interrupts* Good as keeping your mouth shut. Let's go, Kremlings!
Tiny: *still in small form, and crawls up to Lanky's ear* Can you hear me?
Lanky: *whispering* Tiny, is that you?
Tiny: Yeah...the plan is still going well. Chunky's waiting outside to take you away as soon as I use my
         feather bow to knock these guys out!
Lanky: *still whispering* Good luck!

At the banana hoard
K-Rool: To think, it's all mine! It's too easy...something's going on for sure.
Klap-trap: Relax, sir, everything's under control. My brother Klampon doesn't get beat easily.
K-Rool: For once you're right...let's go forward.
Cranky: *thinking* Time to signal them... *radios Wrinkly* Send the signal to Tiny and Chunky.
Wrinkly: *over the radio* Got it! *rockets bird poop toward the Flying Kroc's windshield*

Inside the Flying Kroc
Krusha: Nice day...the sun, the...bird crap?
Klampon: Dumb birds...I hate it when that happens.
Tiny: *pulls out feather bow* Thank you Wrinkly. These Kremlings can't see me or the feather...
          they will definitely feel the knock-out juice, though. *fires feather bow*
Klump: What the? *falls to the floor*
Krusha: What happened to him?
Tiny: Fire two...*fires feather bow*
Klampon: Owwww...*falls down*
Tiny: Uh-oh, I'm becoming normal size again!
Krusha: Ah ha! Time to call...*falls back*
Tiny: Phew, that was close!
Chunky: You guys fine?
Tiny: Yeah...take us to the ground, Chunky!
Chunky: Will do!
Tiny: Now, there Lanky. You're untied!
Lanky: I'll get're done, let's get ready to get out!
Candy: We're sorry about our past differences, Tiny...
Tiny: *interrupting* Don't worry...I just do it to get you mad. My fault really. Now let's make sure
         there are no video cameras in here...if so, we have to destroy them.

At the banana hoard
K-Rool: Better check on the idiots in the Kroc...Hello? *tries radioing again* Come in, Kroc...*turns
              radio off* Fools...probably dozing off. Let's go to the banana hoard, Kremlings!
Cranky: Time for the secret weapon's signal...*plays tape* I wish I could hear that high-pitched of a
    least I know for sure that Squawks can. That bag of feathers better do his job!

On top of the banana hoard hill
Wrinkly: Aha, there is Squawks now! I wonder if everyone else sees him?
Kiddy: I'd better start it off...*unleashes TNT barrels*

At the banana hoard
K-Rool: Now to enter...what the? I knew it, a trick!
All Klomps and Skiddas: *permantly knocked out into unconsciousness*
K-Rool: I'll press the button to detonate the Flying Kroc and rid of my passengers right now! Poor
             Krusha, poor Klampon, poor Klump...there were such good helpers...NOT! Good bye,
             Flying Kroc!

At the field near the banana hoard
Chunky: *shrinks back down to normal size* Well, we've done our part!
Dixie: Let's take these Kremlings and lock them up in the jail!
Lanky: *picks up Krusha* Phew, he's heavy!
Dixie: *picks up Klampon with Candy* Got this one!
Chunky: *lifts Klump with one finger* Got him! Is that everyone, Tiny?
Tiny: Yes...let's go. *Flying Kroc explodes* What the?
Swanky: *rushes up to them* I thought you might need some help...Cranky said I was done.
              I just heard the explosion. Here Lanky, I'll help you with that Kremling.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Candy: Indeed. We got out just in time!
Chunky: Let's go! We lock up Kremlings, and help others!

At the banana hoard
K-Rool: The Flying Kroc is gone...and so are Lanky and Candy...well done K-Rool. But now is the
              time to run, those TNT barrels can't get me!

On top of the banana hoard hill
Wrinkly: Time to fire the secret weapons...*shoots up the signal*
DK: *sees the signal* Okay! Time to fire the banana cream pies! *throws them at K-Rool's army*

At the banana hoard
Kosha: We have to get the banana hoard...
Buzz: This is such hard work! Let's just go!
Kosha: Fine...sound the retreat!
All Kremlings: Retreat! *all Kremlings are hit with banana cream pies* We can't see!
K-Rool: I can't see anything either, idiots!

On top of the banana hoard hill
Cranky: My turn...time to throw barrels one last time! *throws the barrels down*
DK: I'd better back away. *runs out of the way as the first barrel starts rolling* Well, we didn't need
        the ammo...I'm going to eat it! *eats the extra bananas*

At the banana hoard
Kosha: I wanna go home!
Mini-Necky: Shut up!
All Kremlings: OUCH! What on earth was that?
K-Rool: Noooo....NOOOOO!!!!

  It is ten minutes later. The barrels ended up sending the Kremlings (and K-Rool) flying into the hillside, where they all fell into a state of unconsciousness. The Kongs congratulate each other's work.

Cranky: Whaddya know, even this old timer can be wrong sometimes...well done everybody!
Lanky: Thank you everybody...I don't know how I can repay you.
Tiny: Well, I have an idea...
Candy: Tiny, the fact that you saved Lanky was your way of making up to him for everything you did...
            Lanky has no reason to pay you back...if anything you still have to apologize.
Wrinkly: Now, don't be hard on Tiny dear, we're celebrating right now.
Candy: Sorry Wrinkly...let's put these Kremlings where they belong!
K-Rool: *gets up* I'll never give up, I'll get you all one day! *jumps off the cliff*
Diddy: He must be crazy...he'll die jumping from that height!
Kiddy: I can't believe it...he had Kremlings down there in case he failed! They held a net, and now he's
           gotten away scot-free!
Chunky: Me think everyone deserve to have big dinner. Me help Wrinkly cook today before we help
             with plan.
Tiny: What are we having for dinner, Campbell's Chunky Soup?
Dixie: Tiny...
DK: *walks down from hill* Phew, that was good pie!
Candy: DK, that pie has been on the ground!
DK: So, it still tasted good!
Diddy: Never mind...let's go have dinner.

  It is two hours later...the Kongs have finished having dinner, and Swanky is ready to make an announcement.

Swanky: Rather than go back to the Big Banana House, I have decided to present the award for
              first, second, third and fourth place here, at the dinner table.
Cranky: I know who the winner of the most pathetic television host would be!
Wrinkly: Now dear...
Swanky: Now then, I will announce the first place winner first. And that winner is...

Pretty exciting last week of Big Banana, huh? Well, your vote is needed one last time. This final vote will determine who makes first, second, third and fourth place. Will first go to the now not-so-stupid DK, the captured and rescued Lanky, the valiant Dixie or the beautiful one, Candy? Only you can decide!

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