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Week Three

Swanky: Welcome to Week 3 at the Big Banana house! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! Thanks
               to all of your votes, we have determined the next contestant booted out of the Big
               Banana house. Let's head inside and inform them who's kicked out.

Inside the Big Banana House in the living room
K-Rool: *mumbling* Let's hope that little baby Kiddy is finally out of here!
Tiny: I hope you can stay, Kiddy. It won't be the same without you.
Candy: If I'm outta here, no one will discipline Kiddy...and then he'll be out of anyone's control,
            just like Tiny.
Swanky: *on the television* Hello! Alright, the votes are in and we have determined who's out. The
              contestant received over 80% of the votes in determination of who had to leave. That one
              ape is...Kiddy Kong! Kiddy, you have two minutes to pack your bags and say your good
              byes. The rest of you, go back to your rooms and get ready to sleep for the night.
Kiddy: Bye Tiny, hope you win!
Tiny: Here's your only bag, Kiddy. Take care of my dolls for me, watch my goldfish, shine my banana
         trophy, and...
Dixie: *interrupting* And I think you should shut up and let Kiddy go!
Wrinkly: Dixie, that is not necessary. Tiny, it's time to let Kiddy go home now.
Kiddy: Bye everybody!
DK: *yawn* I'm tired. Off to bed I go!
Diddy: Night everybody!
Wrinkly: Nighty night, dearies.
K-Rool: *fakes a yawn* I'm off to bed too.
Lanky: Night K-Rool!
K-Rool: Goodnight, Lanky. *leaves the room*
Candy: How can you be so friendly to K-Rool, Lanky?
Lanky: He's been really nice to me...we've played cards and games lots of times, always fun.
Candy: As long as he's being good...

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: I will find that tape if it's the last thing I do. As soon as everyone's asleep...look out Tiny!

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: Just gotta wait until 3:00 AM...they should all be asleep by then.

In Tiny's Room
Tiny: Without Kiddy to help me it will be hard...but I'll make sure that Tiny never finds her tape...or
         my photograph of her and Diddy!

It is 2:00 AM. Everyone but Dixie and K-Rool is asleep.
Dixie: Now, which of these rooms is Tiny's? Oh yeah, this one. *quietly opens door* Tiny's asleep...
          time to start searching.
K-Rool: *enters the hall* Might as well get a drink and sit outside...someone might wake up and then
              I wouldn't be able to get out. *hears Dixie going through Tiny's toys* What on earth?! If Tiny's
              awake, my plan is ruined! *peeks in* Ah, it's only Dixie. Better head outside...
Dixie: Did I just hear footsteps? Nah...*looks inside playhouse microwave* Aha! Found the tape! Well,
          I'd better give Tiny the slip...I'll put her country music tape back in the microwave...hee hee!
          *leaves Tiny's room, and heads back into her own*
K-Rool: *is outside* Ah, what a tasty banana shake! Well, just gotta wait an hour.

It is 3:00 AM. Only K-Rool is awake outside.
K-Rool: I'm getting tired...where's that fool when he's needed?
Krusha: *from plane* Secret Weapon #1 being lowered, sir!
K-Rool: Thank you, Krusha. Be off!
Krusha: Yes sir, good luck!
K-Rool: I will win, Krusha. Bet on it!

It is about 7:00 AM, and the first contestants are waking up.
Lanky: *yawns* Better head downstairs and help make breakfast. *checks the pole* No rotten diapers
            this time! *slides down*

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: Time to open my secret weapon up...

In Tiny's Room
Tiny: Better check for my tape...*opens playhouse microwave* Good, it's still there. Now to check in my
        sock drawer...*opens sock drawer* Yep, photo's still there. Better go out for breakfast and rub it in
        to Dixie's face...poor sister, can't outfox this little girl!

In the Kitchen
DK: Great banana pancakes as always, Wrinkly!
Wrinkly: Thank you, dear.
Tiny: *walks in* Good morning grandma!
Wrinkly: Did you sleep well, honey?
Tiny: Just wonderfully...what's up for chow?
Wrinkly: There's some banana pancakes, dear. Coconut syrup too if you want it.
Lanky: *walks in* Did I hear someone say banana pancakes and coconut syrup?
Diddy: Morning Lanky! Yep, you heard right. Dig in, Candy and Wrinkly made plenty for all!
Dixie: *walks in and yawns* Good morning!
Candy: How did you sleep, Dixie?
Dixie: *thinks for a moment* I didn't...had a bad night.
Tiny: Sorry to hear that, sis.
Dixie: *thinking to herself* What a hypocrite...likely sucking up again. *talking out loud* Any
          banana pancakes left?
Lanky: *between mouthfuls* Plenty left, have some. I'm full! *burps*

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: Ha ha...what lovely ape china dolls these are. Poor Tiny will have a fit when I show her
              all of her lovely dolls...if I plan this right she will do anything I say...and my revenge will
              be complete. After today everyone will know that I can not be outfoxed by anyone...
              especially not a little girl...ha ha ha ha ha! *puts dolls back in box* Well, better go and
              have breakfast...*triple locks his door, and heads for the kitchen*

In the kitchen
Dixie: Wonderful pancakes...thanks Candy, thanks grandma.
Candy: A pleasure, Dixie.
Wrinkly: Anytime, dear.
K-Rool: *walks in* Any pancakes left for me?
Wrinkly: Of course...dig in, there are only a few left. Fortunately Lanky's not eating anymore.
Lanky: *burps* I heard that!
Candy: I heard that too...mind your manners, Lanky.
Lanky: Sorry.
K-Rool: How's your morning going?
Wrinkly: Just wonderful, and the best part is, Tiny's showing sentiment for her sister.
K-Rool: *rolls his eyes* Thanks for breakfast...I'm going out to the lake for a swim.
Wrinkly: You're back soon, the challenge Swanky's issuing is in three hours.

In the family room
Lanky: I noticed Tiny sucked up again.
Dixie: Yup, she'll do anything for favors.
Lanky: Any luck with the tape?
Dixie: *whispering* Yes, I found it. And I didn't really have a bad night...I was giving my sister the
          slip, so that she'd believe I'd been searching all night without success.
Lanky: Well done, let's be off to my room. Tiny's still eating breakfast, we have time to go into my
            room without being noticed.
Dixie: I'll be out at the tree in a minute, with the tape. Don't forget to open the window...
Tiny: *walks in* Don't forget to open the window...I wonder what my big sister meant...probably

It is ten minutes later, Lanky and Dixie are in Lanky's room.
Dixie: And let's press Play... *conversation begins*
Lanky: Whoa, that's way too loud! *turns volume down* I sure hope Tiny didn't hear that...

In the family room
Tiny: What on earth was that? It came from Lanky's room. It sounded NO! Dixie
         must have the tape! What can I do? I'm doomed...but if she has it, then what's this? *pulls
         her tape out* Arggggh, it's the Vine-ia Twain country music! I'll get Dixie for this...but that
         still doesn't tell me what don't forget to open the window meant...oh, I get it. Dixie spun in
         through the window! I wonder if I can... *heads outside*

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: Let's keep this in my room this time...Tiny won't be able to get in here.
Dixie: Inside your clothes drawer.
Lanky: But Tiny can't get in here...
Dixie: Don't underestimate my sister. Hide it.
Lanky: Alright...there, inside of my chest. Only I have the key. If anyone comes in here, they won't
           get the tape. I'm going to open the window and air out the room, it's stuffy in here.
Dixie: I'm going down your pole. See ya downstairs!
Lanky: See ya! *opens window* There...wait for me, Dixie!

In the tree outside
Tiny: Lanky's window is open! I can get in! But might be a trap. I have to make sure that Dixie
        and Lanky aren't in there.
Dixie: *walks outside* Ah, nothing can ruin my day now. My stupid sister won't be able to find the
          tape little sister of mine can outsmart this chimp...where are you, Lanky?
Lanky *walks out* Right here! I've got the croquet set, let's go play where the grass isn't trampled.
Dixie: Right behind you!
Tiny: Phew, they didn't find me! Well, time to spin into the room! *hairspins across the yard* Stupid hair...
        I wish it wouldn't sound so much like the wind.
Lanky: Did you just hear that?
Dixie: Hear what?
Lanky: Sounded like a gust of wind.
Dixie: It might be getting stormy...some clouds are moving in.
Lanky: I'm heading in...croquet will have to wait.

In Lanky's Room
Tiny: Lanky's coming back? Oh no! I'll have to find the tape right away! *frantically searches room*
        He's coming up the pole! I'll have to jump! *jumps out the window, and hits the ground* OWWW!
Lanky: *walks in* Sounds like someone's been hurt...the voice sounded feminine. Dixie might have hurt
            herself. *closes window and slides down pole*

In the family room
Wrinkly: Someone's hurt! I'd better go out there!
Lanky: Wait up, Wrinkly!
Candy: I'll stay's getting pretty ugly out there. Wait, K-Rool's still at the lake!

At the swimming area in Lake Orangatanga
K-Rool: Looking like mighty terrible weather. I'll never get back in time. I'll have to shout for Krusha...
              he or one of my brainless Kremlings are always around. KRUUUSSSHHHHAAAA! *the
              Flying Kroc lands, and Krusha steps out*
Krusha: I heard you sir, what seems to be the trouble?
K-Rool: The trouble, you imbecile, is that I'm stuck here and it's about to rain!
Krusha: Oh, right sir. I have the perfect solution.
K-Rool: And what is that?
Krusha: Face the house, sir, and bend over.
K-Rool: What will that do?
Krusha: You'll see...*smacks K-Rool with a paddle*
K-Rool: OWWWWWWWW!!!! *runs toward house holding his behind*
Krusha: Always used to work for me...*gets into Flying Kroc* Take us away, Klump! *Flying Kroc
             flys away*

Outside the Big Banana house
Tiny: *sobbing* WAAAAHHHH!
Wrinkly: What happened, dear?
Tiny: I tripped on that rock there, and my leg landed the wrong way!
Wrinkly: Oh dear, let's get you inside. *helps Tiny inside*
Lanky: *mumbling to himself* She tripped my eye! Just by looking at her I can see she window
            is right above where she was! Obviously she was in my room...but how? *walks inside*
K-Rool: YYyyeeeeEEEEOOOwww! *gets up* Krusha was right, that did work! *braces himself* I am
             going in! Too crappy out here! *walks inside*
Dixie: Well, I finished putting the croquet set away. I thought I heard my sister scream, I'd better find out
          just what happened. *walks inside*

In the family room
Wrinkly: There you are, dear. Your leg is a bit broken, so you'll be limping for a while.
Tiny: How long, grandma?
Wrinkly: Probably a few days. You'll get better soon, sweetie.
Dixie: What happened?
Wrinkly: Your sister broke her leg because she tripped on a rock and landed the wrong way.
Dixie: Ouch...I'm heading to my room.
Lanky: Wait up!
K-Rool: What has happened?
Wrinkly: Oh, Tiny here broke her leg.
K-Rool: *thinking to himself* Got just what she deserved. *talking out loud* I'm sorry to hear that.
              Why don't you come to my room, Tiny, perhaps I can show you something you like.
Tiny: Will do. *limps off with K-Rool*
DK: Hey Diddy, want to play a board game?
Diddy: Sure, which one?
DK: How about...Who Wants to Win a Banana Hoard?
Diddy: Sounds fun, anyone else wanna play?
Candy: I'll play...let's start!

In K-Rool's Room
Tiny: What did you want to show me?
K-Rool: Oh, just something...
Tiny: Please, please, please, please tell me!
K-Rool: Oh all right! Look over at my window.
Tiny: That's one of my china dolls!
K-Rool: That's right, and I'm going to cut it's head off using the window!
Tiny: No please, I'll do anything, but don't destroy my china doll!
K-Rool: *thinking* Hmmm, plan is working perfectly. *talking out loud* If you do
             a thing or two for me, we can forget this whole incident and I'll give you your china dolls.
Tiny: What do you want me to do?
K-Rool: I want you to do it tomorrow...if you're still here and not out of the house. You need to...

In Dixie's Room
Dixie: Wow, Tiny broke her leg. I guess she won't be snooping anymore.
Lanky: No, and what's more, I think she didn't trip on a rock.
Dixie: Sounds reasonable that she'd lie...but why do you think so?
Lanky: I could tell by looking at her that she had fallen from above, not flat forward.
Dixie: So you think that she was...wait a minute, your room is above where she fell!
Lanky: Exactly...I think that she somehow got into my room. But how?
Dixie: You said you heard a gust of wind. And it wasn't windy yet.
Lanky: I hear that same sound whenever you're spinning into my room too.
Dixie: That's what happened, Lanky! Tiny spun into your room from the tree! Fortunately she never
          had a chance to find the tape because you went up to your room!
Lanky: And she jumped out the window and broke her leg! That must have been what happened!
Dixie: Tiny's suffering enough punishment right now for her mischief...I'm going to save the tape for when
          she gets will be more effective when she can walk again. Plus, Wrinkly will be furious if
          she figures out she gave her time to making Tiny get well when Tiny was actually being mischevious.
          It's perfect, and what's more it's far better than our old plan!
Lanky: I think the challenge is about to begin...due to the bad weather Swanky wanted to have it early.

In the family room
DK: I won the banana hoard!
Diddy: I would've won it, but you insisted that color was spelled colour!
DK: Diddy, it's spelled colour!
Diddy: I say it's color!
DK: Colour!
Diddy: Color!
DK: Colour!
Diddy: Color!
Candy: Enough! DK won, and Swanky's challenge is about to start. Let's get everyone into this room.
DK: *turns the TV on, and Swanky's face appears*
Swanky: Alright, here is today's challenge. You must give me another way of saying the word that I will
              mention. Got it?
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: I still say that's not a response!
Swanky: It's good enough. Candy, you're first. Give me another word for glutton.
Tiny: DK!
Swanky: Ahem...Candy, please give an answer.
Candy: Pig.
Swanky: That qualifies...Wrinkly, you're next. Give me another word for eliminated.
Wrinkly: Out.
Swanky: That is a valid answer. DK, you're next. Give me another word for water.
DK: H2O?
Swanky: No, I mean a word, DK. Let's give you another chance.
DK: Okay, then how about liquid?
Swanky: That works. Tiny, you're next! Give me another word for brainless.
Tiny: Diddy!
Diddy: Hey!
Tiny: No, actually, I would have to say mindless.
Swanky: Very good. Lanky, you're next. Give me another word for ape.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Swanky: That's a good answer...
Tiny: *interrupts* What did he say?
Swanky: What, you can't hear?
Tiny: I can hear him, but what the heck did he say?
Swanky: Since you're so dumb, he said gorilla.
Tiny: Ohhhh...
Swanky: K-Rool, you're next. Give me another word for gab.
K-Rool: I'd have to say talk.
Swanky: That's right!
Tiny: Kind of reminds me of Dixie when she's on the phone with Diddy!
Dixie: Shut up!
Swanky: And finally, Dixie, your turn. If you get this right, the challenge is won. If you get it wrong,
              then you all lose the challenge. Give me another word for...assassin.
Dixie: I'd have to say, killer.
Swanky: And that is correct! You've won the challenge! You all get a TV antenna, so that you can
              receive several basic channels for your viewing pleasure! Just type in the code 453 on the
              alarm system, and you'll get the antenna!
DK: *shuts off TV* Well, I'll go get the antenna. *punches in 453 in the alarm box* Well, where is it?
        Ah, there it is! *a line with the antenna attached is lowered from the ceiling* I've got it, let's set it
        all up to watch! *the line disappears back into the ceiling*
Wrinkly: Two Apes and a Chimpanzee is on right now...I'm watching it!
Tiny: Not a sit-com! I hate it when the people laugh in the background!
Diddy: For once I actually agree with Tiny...bleh!

Two hours later...

Wrinkly: Banana City is on...gotta watch it.
Tiny: But I wanna watch a movie...
DK: Wrinkly's got the remote...we can't do a thing about it.

It is an hour later. It is time for everyone to vote!
Swanky: Alright, Diddy, you come into the yellow room first. Please nominate two people you want to
              put up for banishment in the Big Banana house, and why.
Diddy: I'd like to nominate Tiny and Wrinkly. Tiny, because I believe there was more to her story than
           she let on, and Wrinkly because she hogged the TV. If that keeps up, I'll never have any peace.
Swanky: Thank you Diddy. Next please!
DK: I'd like to nominate Diddy and Wrinkly. Diddy because he insisted he was right in the Who Wants
       to Win a Banana Hoard game, and Wrinkly because she hogged the TV watching her sit-coms.
Swanky: Thank you DK, next please...
Candy: I vote for Tiny and K-Rool. Tiny because I believe she was bold-face lying to Wrinkly, and my
            second vote was for K-Rool, because he's been too quiet. Something's up with him.
Swanky: Thank you Candy. Next please...

It is a half hour later, and all the votes have been done.
Swanky: Alright, time to give out the results. The two contestants up for banishment this week are...
              Wrinkly and Tiny! All of you can go back to your business now.
Wrinkly: Oh dear, I was afraid this would happen. Better go pack just in case.
Tiny: Not me again...I don't wanna go! WAAAAHHHH!
DK: If you don't shut up, I'll hit your leg with my baseball bat...that'll give you a good reason to scream.
Tiny: I'm shutting up, I always shut up when I'm told to, don't have to be told twice, I make sure...
Candy: *interrupts* Tiny?
Tiny: Yeah?
Candy: Shut up!

The votes are in, and Tiny and Wrinkly are up for banishment from the Big Banana house. Who's going to be the next to receive the boot? Only you can decide by voting in the poll below!

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