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In the Kong Dining Room
Swanky: And the winner is...let's have a drumroll please...
Cranky: *interrupting* Just announce the winner, you idiot!
Wrinkly: Now dear...
Swanky: Uh, sure. The winner is...Lanky!
Lanky: Me? LAGGOOOOO!! *handstands around the dining room table*
Funky: Congrats Lanky dude, you deserve it!
Tiny: *whining* I should've got it...I rescued him after all.
DK: Only because he didn't pulverize you at the Big Banana House first!
Tiny: True...forget I said anything, okay?
Kiddy: *speaking up* Hey everyone, it's that time of year again!
Cranky: The time that we all try to get the DKC TV Show off the air?
Kiddy:'s time for our annual game of Scattergories!
Dixie: How exciting, I'm going to win again this year!
Candy: You only won because DK mumbled and I wasn't next to him!
Dixie: Hey, I was across the room from him and heard him fine...are you deaf or something?
Tiny: Probably...she's deafened by love.
Candy: *annoyed* The phrase says blinded Tiny, and no, I'm not deafened by love.
Chunky: Me lay game out. All you get pad for write words down.
Diddy: I'll start making some popcorn...
Dixie: I'll help!
Kiddy: *whispering* Hey, Tiny, do you still have that photo of Dixie and Diddy?
Tiny: No, I trashed it. I had no need for it. Ol' Grandma left before I had a chance to use it.
Kiddy: *smiling wickedly* Too bad...considering I got a snapshot of you stealing Dixie's tape.
Tiny: What? No, Kiddy, I must have that picture! Please, I'll do anything!
Kiddy: Well, I'd like to have some coconut cookies, and of course you know that...
Tiny: *interrupting* Yes, I know that I'm the best at making them...I'll go make some.
Kiddy: And while that's going on...I'll go join the Scattergories game.
Cranky: Can we start this dumb game yet?
Swanky: Not yet...they're all still getting you guys refreshments.
Wrinkly: I'll just knit while I wait.
Cranky: I'll just spit while I wait...*spits at Funky*
Funky: Hey, watch it old timer!
Dixie: I'm back with some drinks!
Diddy: I've got the first bowl of popcorn! I'm going back for more in a sec.
Chunky: Okay, we start now. Who roll letter die?
Kiddy: Me, me, me!
Cranky: Here, let me roll, I'll get a great letter and win it... *rolls an O*
Candy: Great letter, Cranky. The critics agree that it is the worst letter possible!
DK: I second that!
Swanky: I third it!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Kiddy: What did he say?
Swanky: Don't even ask...

  It is an hour later, and the Scattergories game is finished. The team of Dixie, Candy and Wrinkly won the whole game. As always, the others are making excuses as to why they lost.

Diddy: I was, uh, thinking about something else...I have a math exam at Kong Kollege tomorrow.
Wrinkly: You know that the Kollege is closed for the week, dearie. Nice try.
DK: I was thinking about bananas...
Candy: As you always are, I suppose you have a way out.
Diddy: Not fair! You let him off the hook!
Dixie: That's because he's dense...fortunately you're not.
Swanky: I was busy fixing my video cameras half the time, I couldn't concentrate!
Cranky: My pencil broke!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Candy: Don't even know you lost fair and square, just admit it for a change.
Lanky: Admit what?
Candy: Very funny, Lanky.
Tiny: Did you enjoy your coconut cookies, Kiddy?
Kiddy: Yeah, thanks Tiny. Here's the picture.
Tiny: Time to throw it into the paper shredder... *picture is cut to pieces* Gone forever!
Kiddy: *thinking* Too bad she doesn't know I have a copy on my computer...

On Krem Isle
K-Rool: Krusha, Klump!
Krusha: Yes sir?
K-Rool: We must think of a new way to get the hoard.
Klump: What hoard?
K-Rool: The banana hoard, you insolent fool!
Klump: Oh, that hoard.
K-Rool: Yes, that hoard, knucklehead. Now, let's think! Oh, I forgot you don't have a brain
              so you can't. You're dismissed Klump!
Klump: Yes sir, uh, no sir, uh, yes sir! *leaves*
K-Rool: About time too...let's think Krusha.

  Sounds like K-Rool isn't finished with the Kongs just yet. Who knows, perhaps next time K-Rool will finally succeed and get the banana hoard. But until then, thank you for participating in Big Banana for all these weeks. You can read the Big Banana story at any time, it's just that you won't be voting anymore.

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