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Week Four

Swanky: Welcome to the fourth week of Big Banana! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! Let's
               go into the house and let the contestants know who's packing their bags next.

Inside the Big Banana House in the living room
DK: I'm going to get a banana.
Diddy: Wait for me!
Tiny: If I lose, can I give you all a kiss goodbye?
Dixie: *thinking* The only thing I'd let you kiss is butt.
Wrinkly: I'm sure we can work something out, dear. And besides, it might be your old
              grandma leaving next.
Lanky: Swanky's ready to announce the verdict...let's listen.
Swanky: The voting was nearly unanimous. We have our next winner, or should I say
              loser, of the vote. Wrinkly, I'm sorry, it's time for you to go. You have two
              minutes to say your goodbyes and get your things, and then you need to leave
              the Big Banana house.
Wrinkly: I was afraid of this...well, my bags are packed. Goodbye dearies, good luck in
              the contest. May the best one win!
Tiny: Don't worry grandma, I will.
Diddy: Did I hear correctly? Tiny thinks she's going to win the whole thing? That's the funniest
           thing I ever heard! *starts a laughing fit*
Wrinkly: I'm going now...I'll make sure your china dolls are safe, dear.
K-Rool: *thinking* No need, Wrinkly. I've got them...
Candy: Good bye Wrinkly, we'll miss you!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: What did he say?
DK: Arrgggghhhh!
Wrinkly: I'll have a nice banana cream pie at home for the winner! *leaves the house*
Diddy: *gets back up* Sometimes it's great to have a good laugh.
Tiny: *yawns* I'd better hobble off to bed...night all.
K-Rool: *thinking* She'd better do what I told her to, or her china dolls will perish! *talking
              out loud* I'd better go to bed too...later everyone.
Lanky: I'd better head up the pipe. We'll talk tomorrow, Dixie?
Dixie: Yep, good night!

It is midnight, and Tiny and K-Rool are meeting up in the hallway.
K-Rool: Did you get them?
Tiny: Yes, I have them right here. Take it.
K-Rool: Good, here's your china dolls in return.
Tiny: *feeling a bit guilty inside* Night...

It is a new day, and the contestants are starting to realize that without Wrinkly, the cooking is not as good as before. Candy is tired from doing the breakfast meal on her own.

K-Rool: I'm full, thank you Candy.
Candy: No problem...*faints*
Tiny: These are tasty tacos!
DK: Those are pancakes, Tiny...
Diddy: I'm off for a swim...see you guys later.
Lanky: *burps* I'm off to my room.
Tiny: I'm going to hobble over to my chair in the living room...perhaps something good's on.

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: Good, I finally have them. With these, I will win Big Banana and prove once and for all
              that the Kremlings are superior!

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: Well, I guess there's no need for this tape anymore...Wrinkly's gone.
Dixie: *hairspins through the window* Thinking about the tape?
Lanky: I wish we could have got our hands on this earlier.
Dixie: We can't do anything about it now, let's just face it. Tiny will always be good in Wrinkly's
          eyes, and we'll always know that she's just a brat.
Lanky: I'm going to go throw this away, I'll play croquet in the yard with you now that it's sunny.
Dixie: Sure, I'll just hairspin out the window and wait for you there.

At Lake Orangatanga
Diddy: Well, time to plan my dinner with Dixie...I want to have a special dinner for her. Hmmm...
            I wonder if Swanky would allow me to have fancy food for one evening?
Swanky: *from helicopter above* Yes, Diddy, we have different things you can use for this
              evening...I'll lower the box of supplies. *lowers box* Good luck with Dixie!
Diddy: Thanks! Now for my swim... *jumps in the lake*

In the living room
Tiny: Awesome! PMA is on!
Candy: P-M-what?
Tiny: PMA...Popular Mechanics for Apes. They're teaching about how special effects work in
        the movies...they're going to blow up a car!
DK: *appears from the doorway* Cool, I wanna watch!
Candy: I'm going to take a nap in my room...have fun watching your show.

It is now 5:00 PM, and Diddy has got his supplies box in Cranky's old room. K-Rool is
lounging in his room, and the other contestants are watching the news (Dixie is
particularly in search of sports news).

Dixie: Yay, it's sports news now!
DK: Booorrrring...I'd rather play with Tiny.
Tiny: Hey! That's not fair!
Candy: Shush, just play a board game while you're waiting, for goodness sake!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: I won't even ask...

In Cranky's Room
Diddy: Ah, the room is clean, the table has been set up, the wine is here, and the food is cooking in
           the kitchen. I'd better go check on it...

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: Stupid Tiny...thank you so much for these. Now that I have the keys to all the Kongs' rooms,
              I can get them all mad at one person, and then one by one, they'll all go! I'll play goody two-
              shoes, and I'll be the winner! Ha ha ha ha ha!

In the Kitchen
Diddy: It's all cooked...I'd better escort Dixie to dinner...DIXIE!
Dixie: Yes Diddy?
Diddy: I have a surprise for you. *opens Cranky's door, and closes it behind them*
Candy: Time for dinner, everyone!
Tiny: Where's Diddy and Dixie?
DK: They're having a special dinner.
Tiny: I want a special dinner too!
Candy: And tonight we do have a special dinner...I made everyone banana bread to go along with my
            famous coconut-banana casserole!
DK: Sounds great!
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: Grrrrrrr...

In Cranky's Room
Dixie: Wow, dinner for the two of us? You've got candles, favorite flowers!
Diddy: That's right...I hope the roses are fresh enough. Take your seat right here.
Dixie: This is great! The chicken looks good...*takes a bite* Tastes wonderful, too!
Diddy: Good...some chilled banana wine?
Dixie: Of course...thank you.

It is an hour later. Everyone has eaten, and they've all settled in for a game of Monopoly.
DK: Hey, the TV is going weird.
Diddy: We're playing Monopoly, DK, not watching the television.
DK: But look!
Diddy: Fine...hey, it's Swanky!
Swanky: I have decided to make your board game the challenge for tonight. The obvious challenge is
              to beat everyone else at the game. The winner gets a free ticket out of being banished, and
              all of you will get to have a gaming system afterwards. Good luck!
Tiny: I wanna go first, me first, me first, me...
Candy: Oh, for goodness sake Tiny shut up! Here's the dice, Lanky.
Lanky: *rolls* I got a 3! Mediterranean Avenue is mine!
DK: *rolls the dice* 1, 2, 3, 4...Income Tax, drat! I guess I'll pay $200...
Tiny: *rolls the dice, and lands on Mediterranean Avenue* Say Lanky, is that Halley's Comet?
Lanky: Nice try, Tiny. I'll take that $2 rent.
Candy: *rolls the dice* 2, 4, 6, 7...awesome, I get a Chance! *picks card up* $150 in inheritance!
            Things are looking good for me!
Diddy: *rolls* Double 1! I get Community Coconut! *picks card up* Pay your opponents $50
 , man! *hands money over*
Tiny: Thank you most sincerely!
Diddy: Sure, anytime.
K-Rool: *rolls* Double 6...3, 6, 9, 12...Electric Company. I think I'll auction it.
Tiny: $500!
K-Rool: Sold! *takes money*
DK: Good one, Tiny. Did you know you paid over 3 times as much as the property is worth?
Tiny: Of course I know! I wanted the property!
Diddy: That bad?
Tiny: Yes, definitely.
Diddy: *whispering to DK* Too bad she doesn't know I was asking if she was that bad at playing
           the game!
Tiny: I heard that!
Dixie: *rolls the dice* 2, 4, 5...Reading Railroad, good! I'll buy it!

It is now 10:00 PM, four hours later. Tiny, K-Rool, DK, Diddy, and Lanky are out. Only
Dixie and Candy are remaining in the game.

Candy: *rolls the dice* 2, 4, 6, 7...oh no!
Dixie: Ah, let's see. You landed on Boardwalk, and I have a hotel on it. The total comes to...
Candy: *interrupting* Don't even bother. I already know I'm broke.
Dixie: Okay then, good game! Let's shake hands! *shakes with Candy*
Candy: Good game!
Swanky: We have a winner! Dixie has won a free ticket out of being booted out of the Big Banana
               house. Your gaming system is also waiting. Just press in 830 in the alarm system, and it
               will drop from the ceiling. Before you do, it's now time for voting in the yellow room.
               Since it's later than usual please be as fast as you can in your voting. DK, you're first.
               Please come to the yellow room.
DK: I'm here.
Swanky: Okay, which two contestants are you voting for, and why?
DK: This is tough, because I like everyone here...except Tiny. I'll vote for Tiny and K-Rool. For
        Tiny, I just felt like voting for her, and K-Rool because he's been awfully quiet lately.
Swanky: Thank-you DK. Next!
Lanky: I vote for Tiny and DK. Tiny, because she's a pest, and DK only because he made me
           pay him $1200 in fees for landing on a space in Monopoly!
Swanky: Thanks Lanky. Next!
Dixie: I vote for DK and...uh, let's see. I pick...K-Rool.
Swanky: Thank-you Dixie. Next...

The voting is done, and the verdict is about to be given.
Swanky: Okay everyone, the votes are in. This week's contestants nominated for banishment are
              DK and K-Rool. You may all go back to your activities.
DK: Might as well grab a banana while I'm waiting!
K-Rool: *mumbling* I knew it...prejudice against lizards!
Dixie: I'll get the gaming system. *punches code in, and an N64 box is lowered from the ceiling*
Tiny: Awesome! Then we can play DK64 and beat up K-Rool in it!
Diddy: We'll be playing multiplayer, Tiny, not single player!
K-Rool: Let's play...I'm in the mood to blow a certain someone's head off...if I can't do it in
              reality, at least I can do it in a video game.
Tiny: Why do I feel I shouldn't be playing right now...

The votes have been cast, and DK and K-Rool are up for banishment from the Big Banana house? Who will be next to receive the boot from the house? Only your vote can decide who's out!

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