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Squitter's Web Links
  Hi, my name is Squitter. I am a spider and I love web links, because anything involving the word, ' Web ', I love it. Anyway, my favorite links are listed below. Click on one of the links and off you go! I will use banana bunches to show how good I think a web site is. The maximum banana bunches beside a link is five. So 5 banana bunches = Ultimate, and 1 Banana Bunch = Needs some improvement.  = 1/2 of a banana bunch.

The Best Donkey Kong Links

  Donkey Kong Jungle  

  NintenDonkey Kong 64  

  The Donkey Kong Megasite!!!  

  DK Gamer's Galaxy  

  Donkey Kong Database  

  Donkey Kong 2 - A Search for the 103rd Level  

  Donkey Kong 64  


Nintendo Links

  The Official Nintendo Website!  

  The Official Rareware Website!  

  The Official Donkey Kong 64 Website!  

  The Official Mario Party Website!  

  The Official Mario Party 2 Website!  

  Yoshi Land!!!  

  World 4-2  

  Mario Tennis Online!  

  The Mario Files  

Totally Unrelated Links

  Caleb's Looney Tunes Homepage!  

  The Nonstick Looney Tunes Page