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  Welcome to my Donkey Kong page! For all those of you who came from any one of my DKC games, it means that you clicked on the wrong answer. You'll have to try again.

  I have a highly important statement to make. I have decided to take another path in life, so I am going to hand over my site to some very good friends of mine. What they do with it after this update is their business...I have made them promise that they won't shut it down, though. For those of you that e-mail with help questions, I will still answer those, but nothing more.
  My final update is one of the biggest ever! Check out all the neat stuff that I've added to the site!
  I have added the long awaited game to Glimmer's Games...*drumroll please* The Kongs: In Search of Diddy! It is the best game of my homemade games series yet, so download it and have fun! Also, there are a whopping 9 new MIDIs for you to hear...4 in Rattly's Sounds and Music and 5 in Chunky's Coverage (go into the DK64 section to find that section).
And lastly, I have joined up in a wonderful new webring...if you have a DK site, then join it because it's a good one...I know the webring owner personally. Check out the webring homepage for more info (go there using my webring navigation box at the bottom of the page).
  Thank you for coming for these past three years...it has been incredibly fun!

Welcome to the ultimate Donkey Kong Country homepage! Check out Glimmer's Games! Glimmer has got the webmaster's new creation, The Kongs: In Search of Diddy, in his section. Click here to go to it.

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