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                                   Diddy & Dixie Kong
  Well, look who we have here. Diddy again, and with a new monkey, Dixie! Let's see.
  Like in DKC, Diddy still has his move of crossing a gap with his cartwheel jump (click here to see what buttons should be pushed to do this move). But, Diddy has a new ability in this game. He is able to hold Dixie on his shoulders and carry her throughout a level. To do this, when Dixie is beside you, press A. Once you press A, you can also rid of a few Kremlings by throwing Dixie onto their heads. The buttons pushed for that is A (to get Dixie on Diddy's shoulders), and then B, Y and Right (B is for Diddy to jump, Y and Right is to throw Dixie to the right and if timed right, she should bounce on top of the Kremling, the Kremling leaves the screen, and Dixie automatically comes back to Diddy. If it is timed wrong, you lose Dixie and you continue without her).
  Dixie can mount Diddy on her shoulders, and throw Diddy onto a Kremling instead. There is only one thing that Dixie can do that Diddy can't. In the picture above, you see that she has long, yellow hair. If you press Y while in the air, she will do a helicopter spin and slowly descend. However, in some levels you should press Y and Right after jumping (Y is for the spin, and Right is to make Dixie spin to the right).
  Well, let's go back to the Kollege, shall we? I'll meet you there!

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