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                          Donkey & Diddy Kong
  Well, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are a pretty good team, I must say (quotes Wrinkly). Donkey, being heavy, can jump on top of most Kremlings and make sure that they don't bother him again. Donkey has a special somersault move that can wipe out most Kremlings halfway to the moon! The way you do the somersault move is by pressing Y and Right at the same time on your control pad.
  Diddy, being small, can jump longer distances, plus, he has a special move that I call the cartwheel jump. In order to do this, when you are crossing a huge gap, Press Y and Right at the same time. It will make you somersault towards the other side as far as possible. Then, when you are still doing the cartwheel, Press B and Right and you'll jump to the other side in safety!
  Well, let's go back to the Kollege, shall we? I'll see you there!

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