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Week One

Swanky: Welcome to Week One at the Big Banana House! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! The contestants are coming
              down the pathway and heading for the house. We've managed to grab Cranky for an interview. So Cranky,
              give us the lowdown.
Cranky: Pah! In my day we didn't have stupid games where we locked up and earned money for it. We'd have to work
             for it and get back the damsel in distress from the bad guy...the only bad guy here is the moron who invented this
             game! *walks off*
Swanky: Uh, thanks Cranky. The contestants are now all in the house, and the game is about to get underway. Thanks
              all, and have fun watching our contestants in the house!

Inside the House

Wrinkly: My what a huge place this is!
DK: This place isn't big...
Wrinkly: Compared to my cave it is.
K-Rool: Ha! This place is great...more than I ever got from the Rareware team. And this time, I actually have a chance
              to win the entire game! I must inspect my territory! *starts to walk to the other side of the house*
Tiny: K-Rool sure is one chip short of a taco salad!
K-Rool: *turns around* I beg your pardon, shortie?
Tiny: Uh, leave me alone! Waaaahhh!
Wrinkly: Now that's enough K-Rool! Don't be bullying on poor Tiny!
K-Rool: *mumbles* Poor Tiny indeed. *walks off to his bedroom*
Diddy: I'm going outside, anyone wanna come with me?
Dixie: Sure Diddy, be right out.
Lanky: Cool, a pipe! I'm going to walk up it!
Cranky: Might break a fingernail!
Lanky: Zip it, Cranky! *handstands up the pipe, and finds his bedroom* Awesome, and no one can disturb me!
Cranky: The cameras can, and as long as there's a TV in this house, I can see what you're doing!
Kiddy: The joke's on you Cranky, there is no TV in the Big Banana house!
Cranky: What? And I brought all these arcade games to play! I thought I'd show you poor excuses for video-game
              heroes how to play a real game!
Tiny: I'm going outside...
DK: Uh-oh, Diddy and Dixie won't be happy!
Candy: DK, I'm going to help Wrinkly in the kitchen. Have fun okay?
DK: Later Candy!

Outside the Big Banana House
Diddy: Ah Dixie, we are here at last. Isn't this place lovely?
Dixie: Indeed it is.
Tiny: *steps out the door* Hmmm, they think they're alone...this should be interesting. I'm always prepared...*pulls
          out a Polaroid camera*
Diddy: How about a kiss for your big hero?
Dixie: Sure, why not? *leans in and gives Diddy a small kiss*
Tiny: Ha ha, this will get me anything I want from Dixie! *takes the picture, and goes inside*
DK: *comes out the door* Oh no!
Dixie & Diddy: What?
DK: Didn't you know that Tiny was just here?
Diddy: You don't mean...
DK: Yup, she did it.
Dixie: She'll pay for this! Diddy be my witness, Tiny will pay the ultimate price!

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: Phew, it's so nice to be away from that geezer, he's such a grouch. I'm gonna start working on my grape
           blowgun. No one will bug me after I'm done with this! *starts carving*

In the Kitchen
Wrinkly: Ah, what a lovely set of dishes. I'd better start cooking dinner; it's getting late.
Candy: I'll set the table, Wrinkly.
Tiny: I wanna help, I wanna help!
Wrinkly: Sure, Tiny. Why don't you set the table?

In the Family Room
Dixie: *storms in the room* Cranky, have you seen Tiny around?
Cranky: Yes, I've seen her. That pipsqueak is in the kitchen sucking up to Wrinkly.
Dixie: Thank-you, Cranky. *heads for the kitchen*
Cranky: *mumbles* Kids nowadays...take everything for granted.
DK: *walks in with Diddy* We're going to go for a swim in the lake!
Kiddy: Remember the rules!
Diddy: Yeah yeah, we'll remember the rules. Stay inside the marked out area.
DK: Later guys!
Wrinkly: Be back in time for dinner!
Kiddy: Well, time to ruin someone's day...I'm going with them, though they don't know...hee hee!

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: My grape blowgun is complete! Tonight someone's gonna get hit!

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: *takes out lap-top computer and microphone* Ah, I am about to begin! *picks up microphone*
               Krusha, are you there Krusha?
Krusha: *over the radio* Reporting for duty sir!
K-Rool: Krusha, make sure that the emergency plan is ready in case I need it.
Krusha: *over the radio* Yes sir!
K-Rool: *shuts off radio* I am sure to win, ha ha!

Lake Orangatanga
DK: Ah, time for a good swim!
Kiddy: Bombs away!
Diddy: What? Kidddyyy...
DK: Go away Kiddy, go pester Tiny or something.
Kiddy: Pester? I just wanted to have a good swim...
DK & Diddy: I'm leaving!
Kiddy: Wait for me!

The Kitchen
Tiny: Thanks for letting me help Wrinkly, you're the best!
Wrinkly: You're welcome dear.
Dixie: *walks in casually* Ah, time to give Tiny a good slap...
Dixie: *mumbles* Rats!
DK, Diddy, Kiddy, Cranky & K-Rool: *walk in and take a seat*
Wrinkly: Alright, almost everyone's here...who's missing?
Lanky: *aims his blowgun at Cranky and fires* Me! My, you're looking nice Cranky!
Cranky: I'll get you for this!

  All of the Kongs (and K-Rool) have finished dinner, it is an hour later. Swanky is giving them their first challenge game via radio.

The Family Room
Swanky: Alright, your challenge is to answer true or false to some questions that I ask you. If more than
              two people get their questions wrong, you all lose. If you answer correctly with eight or more,
              you all win and you get to have a television...but only with a VCR, it won't have an antenna or
              cable. Everyone ready? Let's have Donkey Kong step forward to answer first.
DK: Ready, Swanky!
Swanky: Okay...true or false...there is a Kremling called Kosha.
K-Rool: Why don't I get these kinds of questions?
Swanky: No help from any other members, or those members are disqualified.
DK: Okay, my answer is...true.
Swanky: You are right. Next player please...Dixie. Dixie, are you ready?
Dixie: Yes, fire away!
Swanky: True or defeated K-Rool on DK Island in DKC2.
Dixie: That would be false.
Swanky: player please...Cranky.
Cranky: Pah! In my day there were challenges, but they weren't stupid like this!
Swanky: Ahem, are you ready Cranky?
Cranky: Ready as I'll ever be.
Swanky: True or false...Donkey Kong has appeared in 6 games on the Nintendo 64.
Cranky: That would be false...he couldn't have played in more games than me!
Swanky: I'm sorry, Cranky, the answer is true. If one more player gets a question wrong...
Cranky: Yeah yeah, we know. Sheesh, do you think we're stupid?
Wrinkly: Now dear...
Swanky: NEXT! Um, Lanky. Are you ready?
Lanky: Yeh!
Swanky: Alright...true or false...Donkey Kong Island has appeared in 3 Donkey Kong games.
Lanky: Lagoo!
Tiny: Lagoo??? That's not an answer!
Swanky: You are right, Lanky!
Tiny: Huh?
Dixie: Keep it shut, pipsqueak. You're next!
Swanky: Thank you, Dixie. Are you ready Tiny?
Tiny: Ya-huh!
Swanky: True or false...on the NES, Cranky was the original Donkey Kong in the DK Arcade Game.
Tiny: Ummm...that would be false.
Swanky: I'm sorry, that is wrong. You all lose the challenge, try again next week and see if you can win our next
              challenge, where you'll have a chance to win the TV and VCR again. I'm signing off!
Diddy: Tiny, you suck!
Kiddy: You blew it!
Cranky: You should be ashamed, Tiny. Everyone knows I was the old Donkey Kong.
Tiny: Well you got your question wrong too...because of your pride!
Wrinkly: That's enough, both of you! To your rooms!
Cranky: *grumbles and walks to his room*
Tiny: *pouts and walks to her room*
K-Rool: I'm the one supposed to be bad around here...what's gone wrong? I must start becoming mischevious...
              no one can take my place.

It is a new day, and everyone is preparing to vote for who should be marked for banishment.

Swanky: Alright, K-Rool, would you please step into the yellow room and tell us what two people you
              are voting for banishment and why.
K-Rool: I am voting for Tiny and Cranky.
Swanky: Why them?
K-Rool: Because Tiny has already got me into trouble with Wrinkly, and Cranky is just a pain to be around.
              He's too hung up on himself.
Swanky: Thank you K-Rool. You may go. Alright, Diddy, you're next! Please tell us who you're voting out,
              and why.
Diddy: I'm voting for Tiny and Kiddy.
Swanky: Why them?
Diddy: They're both pains in the butt.
Swanky: Thank you
Candy: Alright...I'm voting for Cranky and Diddy.
Swanky: Why those two?
Candy: Cranky's just a miserable guy, and the only reason I'm voting for Diddy is because I want DK to myself.
Swanky: Thank you're next Cranky.
Cranky: Okay, I'm voting for Lanky and Tiny.
Swanky: Any reason for those two?
Cranky: I'm voting for Lanky because he spit-balled me with that blowgun, and Tiny made me have to go
             to my room due to her bratiness. Stupid kids...they really ought to learn how to keep to themselves.
Swanky: Uh, thanks Cranky. Next...

A half hour later...

In the Family Room
Swanky: Alright, the votes are in. The two people marked for banishment are...Tiny and Cranky. You can
              all go back to your activities.
Cranky: Why would I get marked for banishment? That just is pathetic...
Tiny: Why would anyone want to get rid of me?
Dixie: *mumbles* If only you knew...

  The votes are in, and Cranky and Tiny are up for banishment from the Big Banana house. Vote in the poll below to determine who goes bye bye! Will it be the ill-tempered Cranky, or the pain-in-the-butt Tiny? Only you can decide who's outta the house for good!

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