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Official Random Renders
  Just below, you'll find all the random renders that our creators Rareware made. Enjoy them, dears!

All of the Brothers Bear family.

All three of the K-Rools from the DKC series.

Nearly all of the Kremlings from DKC2.

The entire Kong family from DKC2 (Kiddy's in DKC3).

What Cranky really does in his spare time.

All of the playable Kongs of DK64.

Dixie, Kiddy and Diddy decorating
 their Christmas tree.

DK, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny and Chunky all posing for
 a picture in the jungle.

DK standing atop the trees in the

All of the Kongs posing inside of a ring of
 minecart tracks.

The Kongs are jumping the track
 in their minecart.

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