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Donkey Kong Trivia
  Here are ten of the most difficult DK-related questions ever to be found anywhere on the Internet. Remember, the link to the answers page is on the main trivia page, so make sure you've answered all the questions before you check your score. I wish you good luck, you're going to need it for sure!

1. How many different forms has K-Rool taken? (hint: don't be fooled, this one isn't as easy as you think)
2. What can you find in DK's treehouse in DK64 that hints towards a next-generation-console DK game?
3. How many baddies (bosses included) are there in DKC? (hint: different-colored characters count as
    only one baddie (i.e. normal and invincible buzzes) and don't just think Kremling when thinking baddie)
4. What is the maximum number of single bananas (not golden bananas) able to be collected in DK64?
5. When DKC3 was made, Rare created a new character. They voted on names, and came up with Kiddy.
    One of the names not used would eventually become the name of one of the new Kongs in DK64. What
    is the name? (hint: the name would not be good to describe Kiddy at all)
6. In DKL3, you are given something to do even after you've beaten the final boss of the Lost World.
    What is it you have to do? (hint: you've collected timers in the adventure, and the game itself is called
    The Race Against Time)
7. DKC for the Gameboy Color has been recently released. Rare says that none of the game was taken
    away. However, there are a few minor changes. What's the difference between DK jumping on a Rambi
    box in DKC for the SNES, and DK jumping on a Rambi box in DKC for the Gameboy Color?
8. Where does the final boss fight against K-Rool take place in DKL?
9. Many people believe that Rare had the idea for DK64 ever since DKC2. According to some DK fans,
    the 'evidence' is found in Swanky's Bonus Bonanza as an option for answering a question. What is the
    answer option that people believe is linked to DK64? (hint: it had something to do with a character now
    starring in DK64)
10. In DKL3, there is a new way to earn DK Coins. What is this new way? (hint: Bazaar Bear)

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