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Harder Questions
  There are ten of these HARDER questions for you to answer. Remember, the link to the answers page is on the main trivia page, so make sure you've answered all the questions before you check your score. Good luck in solving them!

1. How many banana fairies are there in the outer world of DK64?
2. How many Kongs (counting the DKC series, the DKL series and DK64) have ever been playable?
3. In DKC, what's the only difference in the ending when you have achieved 101% and less than 101%?
4. In all the games, only two Kremlings become friendly and take your side. Name them.
5. In DK64, you had to rescue banana fairies and take them to Mrs. Banana Fairy. In DKC3, you must
    rescue some things and take them to someone. What are they, and who do you take them to?
6. In what DK game has a Kremling been playable?
7. Between the DKC series and DK64, how many times has there been an armadillo as an enemy?
8. For DKC2 there is an end-of-level target which you get prizes from if you jump from high enough. In
    DKL2, there is something else instead. Name what it is.
9. How many different jobs has Funky taken on throughout the DK gaming saga?
10. How many banana birds are there in total in DKC3?

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