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Easy Questions
  There are ten E-A-S-Y questions for you to answer. Remember, the link to the answers page is on the main trivia page, so make sure you've answered all the questions before you check your score. Good luck!

1. In DK64, what has happened to Wrinkly?
2. How many of the Kongs are playable in DKC?
3. In DKC2, what is the name of the level you walk in, get a Kremkoin and walk right out after
    seeing DK get taken away again by K-Rool?
4. Is there a flying pig Kremling in DKL?
5. There was no lost world in DKC or DKL. However, in DKC2, DKL2, DKC3 and DKL3 we
    find lost worlds. In the newly released DKC (the Gameboy Color version), is there a lost world?
6. In DKC3, what is the name of the lost world?
7. What is the name of the final boss of the regular worlds in DKL3?
8. In DKC2, there were two worlds called Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay. What has happened
    to these two worlds in DKL2? (remember that DKL2 is nearly identical to DKC2)
9. Considering the above question, which boss from DKC2 does not make an appearance in DKL2?
10. What is the only convenience shop (i.e. Cranky's Lab) not found in Jungle Japes? (the first level
       of DK64)

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