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Trivia Answers
  Here are the answers to all the trivia. You better not be cheating! Test your knowledge for real before coming into here.

Easy Questions Answers
1. Wrinkly has deceased, she is dead.
2. Two Kongs (Donkey and Diddy).
3. Stronghold Showdown
4. Yes, believe it or not there is.
5. Yes, there is, although Rare calls is 'The Lost Level'.
6. Krematoa
7. Kaos (K-Rool is the final boss of the Lost World)
8. These two worlds merged into one, called Krem Cauldron.
9. Kudgel (Krem Quay's boss)
10. Candy's Music Shop

Harder Questions Answers
1. There are four banana fairies in the outer world.
2. Seven
3. The only difference is that Cranky congratulates you for finishing the game completely if you
    get 101%; he criticizes you if you get less than 101%.
4. Klubba (the guardian of every lost world entrance in DKC2) and K-Lumsy (the huge Kremling
    confined to a cage who you must rescue in DK64).
5. You must rescue banana birds, and you have to take them to Mama Banana Bird.
6. DK64 (you can play as Krusha in DK64's multiplayer after rescuing 15 banana fairies)
7. Twice (Army is a normal enemy in DKC, and Army Dillo is a boss in DK64)
8. A trampoline
9. Three (Funky's Flights in DKC and DKC2, Funky's Rentals in DKC3 and the weapon shop in DK64)
10. Thirteen

Very Hard Questions Answers
1. Four (King K-Rool in DKC, Kaptain K-Rool in DKC2, Baron K-Roolenstein in DKC3, and K-Rool
    the Boxer in DK64)
2. A picture in a frame of a dolphin (Nintendo's next generation console was codenamed Dolphin for a
    time, so Rare placing a picture of a dolphin in DK64 is quite ironic and hints at another DK game)
3. Twenty-four (Manky Kong, the ape that throws barrels at you, is an enemy...that's what I meant when I
    said, don't just think Kremling)
4. 3500 bananas (Only seven of the eight levels have single bananas in them)
5. Tiny (believe it or not, Tiny was a name that could have been Kiddy's. But, it wasn't used for Kiddy, and
    it ended up getting used in DK64 for that little girl we all hate)
6. You are given time-trials by K-Rool. All of your timers you have collected become used for the time
    trials (without them all you can't access this). If you beat all of the times...
7. In DKC for SNES, you just hop onto Rambi and go through the level. In DKC for GBC, you transform
    into Rambi and go through the level.
8. The fight takes place inside a factory in Big Ape City.
9. In Swanky's Bonus Bonanza, one of the answer options for a question is Chunky.
10. In Bazaar's Shop in each world, you play a card game. If you match all of the cards before time runs out,
      you will get a DK Coin, a timer, and a few other things.

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