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Kiddy's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  Hi, I'm Kiddy. I will update this section with new questions whenever I get asked a certain question more frequently.
Why doesn't Rambi's Search give me the results I want?
Think about it. Does any search engine give you the results you want? It is better to browse through the sections
and find what you want rather than search for it. Browsing the easily marked out sections is much easier than
searching for it with Rambi's Search, although once in a while the search engine will actually help you out somewhat.

Do you have NES game info?
No. I only have info for SNES, Gameboy and N64 Donkey Kong games.

Have you got any walkthroughs?
Yes, I have walkthroughs for DKC, DKC2 and DKC3. Go into the DKC, DKC2 or DKC3 section and then you'll
see a link for each walkthrough you want (i.e. The Guide to Getting Every Bonus Room). I also have detailed boss
guides for DKC, DKC2, DKC3 and DK64 in Enguarde's Guide To Beating Bosses.

Are there any walkthroughs with screenshots?
Not here, but I created a screenshot-guided walkthrough with some friends. Go to
and you'll find yourself at the DK Gamer's Galaxy. Right now we only have a DKC walkthrough up. Who knows,
maybe eventually we'll make other ones...

Don't you have MIDIs, game tips and stuff like that for DK64?
Yes, but most of that is in the DK64 section. The only exception is the boss guide, which is at Enguarde's Guide To
Beating Bosses.

Can I use your animations?
You can if you follow these instructions (also found in the Animated Kongs section). All you have to do is e-mail me
with your webpage URL, your promise not to claim you made them yourself, and your promise to let others use
them if they ask.

Why don't you update as much as other sites?
I have a very busy life, and honestly right now there isn't much DK info. I'm giving you about as much as there is
out there right now.

Am I allowed to enter my site to win an award?
Yes, as long as you have a DK site anyone can enter. For safety purposes your e-mail address is not given out.
Only your website URL shall be named if you win an award.

What can I expect in future updates?
Well, I've got two things coming guaranteed. One of them is the DKC3 game in Glimmer's Games, and the
other...that's a surprise for the Christmas holidays! Also, you can expect more action from the Big Banana
house in the weeks to come.

Why isn't my site on your links page?
If you have submitted your site to me and it isn't on the links page yet, it is because I am still reviewing it.
If you have not yet submitted your site to me and you want it on the links page, by all means submit it! I
will look over it and when I'm done, I'll put it in the links page for others to go to.

How often do you update?
Usually about once a month, but I will be updating weekly with new parts of Big Banana. Regular updates
(i.e. MIDIs, gaming info) will still occur approximately once a month.