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Golden Items
  The picture above shows 4 golden letters. Together they spell K-O-N-G. Throughout a level, the K, the O, the N and the G are randomly found. If you get all four of these letters in a level, they give you a extra life. These letters are in Donkey Kong Country & Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3 and are in Donkey Kong Land & Donkey Kong Land 2 & 3.
Golden Animals

  The golden animals is something that you can collect, like the golden letters. There are golden geese, golden swordfishes, golden rhinos and golden frogs. Getting a golden animal will put the golden animal in storage until you get 3 golden animals that are the exact same, and then you get to go to a bonus level. The idea of the bonus level is to collect as many tiny golden animals as possible. 100 golden animals = 1 extra life. The golden animals are only in DKC.

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