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IGNPocket Screenshots - Page Two

DK collecting bananas in
 Jungle Hijinx.

DK playing with fire in
 a cave level.

Diddy has just collected
 the K in Tree Top Town.

Diddy is getting the O
 and some bananas too
 in a cave level.

DK is rolling on a steel
 barrel in Jungle Hijinx.

DK is teasing the buzzes
 in Manic Mincer.

Diddy could be up against
 some big trouble in Stop
 'N' Go Station.

Enguarde is exploring the
 depths of a big lake in
 Coral Capers.

Diddy going for 3 gooses
 in a bonus room within
 Oil Drum Alley.

Diddy seems to be puzzled
 in Snow Barrel Blast.

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