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Donkey Kong is the                    Diddy Kong is DK's                  Cranky is the grumpy,
son of the grump                         best friend. He hopes                 negative father of DK.
(Cranky). He's set out                 to be a video game                    He often jeers at Diddy
to prove to Cranky that               hero one day, much to                and DK, sometimes a
he is a video game hero.              the disapproval of                      remark or two about
DK is one of two playable          Cranky. He's the other                the good old arcade
characters in the game.                playable character.                     games slip out.

Candy is DK's lovely                   Funky is the dude that
girlfriend. She runs the                 sends DK and Diddy
challenge shack, where                between previously
you play challenges in                  visited worlds via the
which you can earn                      barrel plane at Funky's
stuff like coins.                            Flight's.

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