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Donkey Kong Site
  Well, you're here. You should take my advice - get out of here and save yourself from utter shame. Oh well, since you're not leaving, follow my limited instructions below.

1. Click here to open up an e-mail message.
2. Include your site URL and e-mail address.
3. Give me a few reasons (2 or 3) why you believe your site should win.
4. Send the e-mail message!

  The first winner of this award will be announced sometime near the end of October. It will be here before you know it, so submit your site and hope for the best! If you are not e-mailed with a message saying you won, then better luck next time. You will receive the award picture file over e-mail as well if you have won. For safety purposes (in other words, no cheaters!) I am not posting the award image here. You will see it when you win it!

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