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  Squawks is a parrot that guides you through levels that the Kongs could never make it through. Squawks is in DKC, DKC 2 & DKC 3. In DKC, Squawks is in one level, and he holds a flashlight with his feet so that Donkey and Diddy can see where they are going in a level in Gorilla Glacier. In DKC 2 and DKC 3, you can ride under Squawks ( Squawks holds on to you with his talons ) and you can play a level as Squawks, too. Squawks has the unique ability to spit an endless amont of eggs at any Kremling that gets too close! Squawks does not have a special attack. Sadly though, you can't be Squawks or ride under Squawks in DKC. Oh well.

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