Rattly's Music
  Hi! My name is Rattly. I have some music for you to listen to, but I don't know which ones you want, so I have them categorized by the game that they come from. Happy sound-listening! Oh, by the way, you might need the Quicktime Plugin. Click here to get it if your browser will not let you view the sound without Quicktime. By the way, when I got the Quicktime Plugin from the download site, I clicked on a few extra links to get it for free. You'll be able to as well if you just take a few minutes to do it.

  Donkey Kong Country

  Treetop Town

  Slipslide Ride

  World Map

  Snow Barrel Blast

  Donkey Kong Country Theme Song

  Cranky's Cabin

  Oil Drum Alley

  Gangplank Galleon (King K-Rool)

  Winky's Walkway

  Jungle Hijinx

  Coral Capers

  Coral Capers (2)

Ending Sequence

  Donkey Kong Land

  Game Select Screen

  Blimp Level

  Boss Levels

  Jungle Level

Pirate Level

Cavern Level

  Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  Rickety Race

  Boss Levels

  Black Ice Battle

  Barrel Bayou

  Kong Kollege

  Hot Head Hop

  Hot Head Hop (2)

  Haunted Hall

Haunted Hall (2)

  Klubba's Kiosk

  Rattle Battle

  Gusty Glade

  Bramble Scramble

  Bramble Scramble (2)

  Bramble Scramble (3)

  Kannon's Klaim

  Hornet Hole

  Lockjaw's Locker

  Lost World Map

  The Main Map

  Kastle Krush

  K-Rool Duel

  Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  Hornet Hole

  Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

  Bonus Room Success

  Wrinkly's Save Cave

  Bonus Room


  Lakeside Limbo

  Demolition Drainpipe

  Ripsaw Rage

  Ripsaw Rage (2)

  Fish Food Frenzy

  Tearaway Toboggan

  Donkey Kong Land 3: The Race Against Time

  Black Ice Blitz

  Cliff Level