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                           Dixie & Kiddy Kong
  Why, it's the monkey Dixie again! And with another one! What's his name, oh yes, Kiddy! Ah yes, sometimes old Wrinkly (that's me) forgets these things. Anyway, back to business. Dixie, like in DKC 2, has her famous hairspin (click here to see what buttons to press to do it)
  In this game, she does basically the same as the last one. She can throw Kiddy in the air, she can pick Kiddy up, basically the same as DKC 2.
  Well, Kiddy has a few things different about him. He is able to skip on top of the water in certain levels ( I don't know the buttons to press to make this happen ). Plus, he does a roll move just like Donkey Kong (click here to find out how to do it). Kiddy is heavy like Donkey Kong and can easily knock Kremlings off of their feet!
  I'm going back to the Kollege now. I'll see back at the Kollege.

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