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Donkey Kong Country 3 Baddies
  Bazooka is a Kremling whose job is to fire barrels at you. He fires regular barrels, steel barrels and TNT barrels (not at the same time, of course). You can bounce off of the regular barrels and steel barrels, but when Bazooka fires TNT barrels...look out! Only with a TNT barrel can you eliminate Bazooka for good!

  Bristles is a porcupine. All that he can do is hope to sneak up on you and hurt you with his quills. You can get rid of Bristles with the Kongs' special attacks. The Kongs can't jump on Bristles, though. That would hurt a lot if they did!

  Koco is a clownfish whose job is to give an unsuspecting Kong a good nip! The only way to eliminate Koco is to get Enguarde the swordfish to stab him.

  Buzzer is a Kremling who has two rotor blades, and can spin them around to helicopter himself around in the air. He can even use them to hurt a careless Kong. There is no way to defeat Buzzer, but you can bounce on his steel helmet to go up.

  Kuchuka is a Kremling who chucks bombs at you. If you're not careful, you'll get hit as this Kremling has good aim! There is no way to defeat Kuchuka, but you can easily dodge the bombs that he throws by standing back until he finishes throwing them, and running past.

  Sneek is a Kremling rat who can't do much more than sneak up on a Kong and nip him or her. You can easily defeat Sneek by doing a special attack or jumping on top of him.

  Buzz is a mechanical bee whose mission is to sting you with his razor-sharp body. You can't do a special attack or jump on him, so all you can do is find a TNT barrel and throw it at him. If you meet a green Buzz, you can take a regular barrel and throw it at him.

  Kobble is a Kremling that can't do much. He can only try to sneak up on you and give you a good whack. To defeat Kobble, you can jump on him, special attack him or throw any barrel at him. Kobble is pretty much defenseless!

  Koin is a baddie that has stolen Cranky's hand-carved DK Coins. In order to get the DK Coin back, you have to pick up a steel barrel, jump up, and throw it above Koin's head. If there is a wall behind him, the steel barrel will bounce off it, and then hit Koin from behind. Koin falls down out of the screen, and you can now get the DK Coin. Koin is not harmed from Dixie or Kiddy's special attacks (Dixie's spin and Kiddy's somersault).

  Krumple is a baddie that is huge, and is very much like Kruncha from DKC 2. However, Kiddy is there to jump on top of him. Krumple is not harmed by Dixie's special attack, and isn't harmed from Kiddy's special attack.

  Re-Koil is a Kremling very much related to Ka-boing from DKC 2, except that Re-Koil springs higher than Ka-boing did. Re-Koil is not harmed by the Kong's special attacks, but is harmed when jumped on by Dixie or Kiddy. The best Re-Koil can do is hope that he jumps when Kiddy or Dixie is in the air and then he can collide into them and make them fall to the bottom of the sea in the Northern Kremisphere!

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