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                         Donkey Kong Country 2 Baddies
  Although Cat O' Nine Tails doesn't have nine lives, he sure does have nine tails and sends an unsuspecting Kong for a spin!
  Click-Clack is an ant that happens to be strong enough to withstand one attack from the Kongs when jumped on. However, if jumped on again right after, then, like all the other baddies in DKC 2, has been rid of from Krocodile Isle. However, if he is not jumped on again after being jumped on once, he gets back up and moves around even faster than before!
  Klobber is a Kremling who can not actually remove a Kong from gameplay, but can bump an unsuspecting Kong into danger. He can be jumped on top of by Dixie or Diddy, and then he goes back into his barrel to hide. If Diddy or Dixie throws the barrel away, (the one Klobber is in) then Klobber has been removed from Krocodile Isle. If Diddy or Dixie does nothing after jumping on him, then Klobber can pop his head and feet out of his barrel again and knock a careless Kong right into a hazard!

  Flitter is a dragonfly who can't do much. However, Flitter is sometimes helpful for the Kongs in certain gaps that even Dixie can't cross! Bouncing off of Flitter's back gives you a bit more time to get to dry land (or the next Flitter). Sometimes Flitter can move by flying in certain areas and if a Kong jumps right into his head, bye bye Kong! Flitter usually hangs around swamp and bramble levels.
  Flotsam is an stingray who lives underwater. He usually doesn't do much, but still, Flotsam can sting any Kong who dares get too close to him!

  Kaboom is a Kremling who lives inside certain TNT barrels on Krocodile Isle. If you get too close to a TNT barrel that Kaboom is living in, instead of a TNT barrel hitting a Kremling, it will hit you! The only way to stop these guys is the exact same as stopping Klobber. You have to jump on top of him, and then throw the barrel away. At that point Kaboom joins his cousin Klobber at the bottom of the sea surrounding Krocodile Isle.

  Kannon is a very heavy Kremling who fires Kannonballs out of his Cannon that he is holding. Kannon is affected by the Kong's special attacks (Diddy's cartwheel or Dixie's spin) if you do them when he isn't shooting a cannonball out of his cannon.

  Klampon is a Kremling crocodile that is not affected by Diddy and Dixie's special attacks. He must be jumped on top of in order for him to be removed from the Isle. Their younger brothers, Klap-Traps, made their homes on Donkey Kong Island in DKC.

  Klinger is a Kremling who has been taught by the Kaptain (Kaptain K-Rool) to climb ropes. K-Rool must have been thinking that if Kongs could climb ropes to escape from his Kremlings, then there should be a Kremling that climbs ropes! This Kremling makes sure that any Kong that tries to carelessly climb a rope is removed from the rope and worse!
  Krock-head, the Kremling in the picture above the sentence, is a crocodile that sort of helps the Kongs. However, if Diddy or Dixie isn't careful when they jump, they could land right by Krock-head's teeth and get nipped. There are some Krock-heads that fling Dixie or Diddy upwards like a catapult so they can get onto dry land. The best these Krock-heads can do is hope they toss Diddy or Dixie into the water (or whatever hazard lays by the Krock-head they happen to jump on)!
  Krook is a Kremling that has lost his hands, however, he is still very dangerous! He throws boomerang-style hooks (what he now uses for hands) which he hopes to hit a Kong with. Krook can be killed by the Kongs' special attacks if, only if he isn't throwing a hook at the time (which is very difficult to do, but it can be done).

  Kruncha is a muscle-bound Kremling that is very large. Donkey Kong may have been able to beat him before, but Diddy and Dixie don't stand a chance! Like most Kremlings, Kruncha isn't harmed by the Kong's special attacks.

  Kutlass is a Kremling that uses his two swords to strike at a Kong when they are too near! The only way to get rid of this Kremling is by jumping on his head when his swords are stuck in the ground. And as I've said before, like most Kremlings, he is not harmed by the Kong's special attacks.

  Lockjaw is an underwater piranha who desires one thing: to sink his teeth into any Kong that is nearby. Of course, when you're underwater, you can't use the special attack, so you can only permanently give Lockjaw a concussion by finding Enguarde the swordfish, and then charging at Lockjaw.

  Neek is a rat that infests the entire Krocodile Isle, and on Gangplank Galleon (the ship). Kaptain K-Rool loves these rats, even though most of the time they don't survive to see the next sundown. Neek can be temporarily removed from the Isle with Diddy or Dixie's special attacks. The best Neek can do is try to sneak up on a Kong and then nip him (or her)!

  Klomp is a Kremling that has one leg missing (and has had it replaced with a wooden one). He can't do much, except for try to peg his way over to Diddy and Dixie and try to capture them, but most of the time Diddy and Dixie's special attacks get the better of him. Klomp makes up most of K-Rool's crew and can be found all over Krocodile Isle.

  Puftup is an underwater fish that inflates and deflates as he moves. Sometimes he just inflates until he explodes, and then the best he can do at that point is shoot some of his spikes at a lazy Kong.

  Shuri is an underwater starfish that propels himself around like the blades of a fan. His arms, legs (whatever you want to call them) are razor-sharp and can take out an unsuspecting Kong.

  Spiny is a porcupine that is much like Klampon, except for one thing. Spiny can be removed from Krocodile Isle with one of Dixie or Diddy's special attacks. Spiny can't be jumped on top of
(definitely not like Klampon), he can only be special-attacked.

  Kaboing is about the only Kremling who is a girl. She can spring up and down and sometimes take out an unsuspecting Kong who isn't paying attention. If a Kong doesn't time his (or her) jump properly, then they could be in big trouble!
  Zinger is a giant wasp that could really hurt Diddy or Dixie if they aren't careful. Regular-sized bees don't stand a chance against these guys! Even Kaptain K-Rool avoids these giant bees when they mean business. Zingers can be found all over Krocodile Isle.

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