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     This is King K-Rool in Donkey     |  This is Kaptain K-   |  This is Baron K-Roolenstein in
     Kong Country. Donkey Kong       |  Rool in Donkey       |  Donkey Kong Country 3. Dixie and
     and Diddy Kong fight him in this    |  Kong Country 2.     |  Kiddy Kong battle K-Rool in this
     game. In this game, Donkey &      |  Diddy and Dixie       |  game. Dixie and Kiddy try to rescue
     Diddy are attempting to recover    |  Kong fight him in      |  Donkey Kong and Diddy from
     the Kong's banana hoard from      |  this game. Diddy &  |  Baron K-Roolenstein.
     King K-Rool.                               |  Dixie are trying to    |
                                                         |  rescue DK from      |
                                                         |  Kaptain K-Rool.     |

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