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Funky's Flights

Cranky's Cabin

Kong Kollege

  Hey, Kongs! I assume you've come to go to the Lost World. Just click on the link and off you go to the Lost World! Oh, one more thing. From now on, only at Funky's Flights can you go to the Lost World. So make sure that you come to my place at every world in this game. It'll really help if you want to complete the game!

The first Lost World level!
Continue on through this world!

  All right, all right! Maybe I can offer a little piece of advice. Collect secret letters whenever you find one ( there haven't been any yet ) throughout the game, because you'll need them for a password later. Here's the first one: W
  There, now I've told you something. So get lost and find some secret letters!

Continue the Quest

  Hello, dearies! Save your game here, and continue your quest to save Donkey Kong!

Save your game

Good luck to you, Kongs! Save Donkey Kong!

Continue the Quest