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                      Donkey Kong Country 2 Bosses
  I, Enguarde, have listed the way to beat the bosses below:

  In order...

   1. Krow's Nest - Pick up the eggs that Krow throws (sometimes they will stop by themselves;
       others can be subdued by jumping on them while they're bouncing) and throw them at
       Krow when he flies low across the screen.

   2. Kleever's Kiln - Pick up the Kannonballs and throw them at Kleever (the giant sword). You
       must alternate sides of the pit (jumping across on the hooks very quickly) in order to get
       more Kannonballs and avoid being killed.

   3. Kudgel's Kontest - Throw TNT barrels at Kudgel. Avoid him (by running under him when
       he starts jumping around after three hits).

   4. King Zing Sting - You must hit the bee in the stinger, from the rear, three times. When he
       changes into a small red zinger surrounded by four circling yellow zingers, you must kill all of
       the yellow ones before the red one becomes vulnerable.

   5. Kreepy Krow - Dodge the ghost mini-Necky's. Hit Krow with the barrel that appears after
       you jump on the solid mini-Necky. Repeat until some hooks appear, then climb to the next
       part of the challenge. Dodge the falling eggs while climbing to a barrel, that will take you to a
       platform where you will battle Krow again.

   6. Stronghold Showdown - Just walk into the room.

   7. K. Rool Duel - Dodge the shots from the gun, and avoid K. Rool when he rockets across
       the room. When he uses the gun as a vacuum cleaner, throw a Kannonball into it. Repeat a
       couple of times.

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