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                       Donkey Kong Country Bosses

  I, Enguarde, have put how to beat each boss in DKC below:

  In order...

   1. Very Gnawty - Jump on his head five times. While he is standing still right after being hit, he
       is temporarily invulnerable. Wait until he starts jumping around again.

   2. Necky's Nuts - Jump on his head five times. Before he spits the coconut, he is invincible.
       You must get him between when he spits the nut and when his head leaves the screen.

   3. Bumble B. Rumble - Hit the bee with a barrel five times. While the bee is red (right after
       being hit) it is temporarily invincible. Just avoid it then.

   4. Really Gnawty Rampage - Jump on his head five times.

   5. Boss Dumb Drum - Avoid the drum (which will try to squash you) and then kill the
       monsters that it dumps. Repeat for five sets of monsters.

   6. Necky's Revenge - Jump on his head five times. This one is just like "Necky's Nuts," except
       it spits more nuts after each hit (one the first time, two the second time, etc.).

   7. K. Rool - you have to dodge several things in various stages (K. Rool's thrown crown, by
       jumping over it; cannonballs, by running between them; K. Rool himself running, by jumping
       over him; and K. Rool jumping, by moving under him). Jump on K. Rool's head when his
       crown is off. It takes nine hits to finish him off.

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