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Bonus Coins
The DK Coin that is shown above this sentence is used in Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. In Donkey Kong Country 2, if you collect all of the DK Coins, Cranky announces you're a video game hero. Not too much purpose, except that you complete the game. In Donkey Kong Country 3, when you have all 41 DK Coins, you can take them to Funky at Funky's Rentals and he will make what he calls a gyrocopter and it will take you to bonus levels way up high where no other mode of transportation can be used. You can find DK Coins spread randomly throughout the levels and worlds in DKC 2 & 3. Remember, there is only one DK Coin in each level.
  The Kremcoin that is shown above this sentence is used in Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. And in Donkey Kong Country 3 it is called a Baddie Coin. When you have all 75 Kremcoins in Donkey Kong Country 2, after you defeat K-Rool in the Lost World, you will see a special ending. And you can use 15 Kremcoins to go into the golden barrel at Klubba's Kiosk to access the lost world. In Donkey Kong Country 3, Baddie Coins are used to blow up rocks in and around Krematoa, the Lost World. It takes 15 Baddie Coins to remove one rock from around the lost world of Krematoa. There are four rocks around Krematoa. Once you're in Krematoa, you need 15 Baddie Coins again to get to the next level for every level in Krematoa, unless you are using the code I have in the Donkey Kong Country 3 section of this webpage. You can find these coins in the bonus rooms you access through the bonus barrels we talked about in the other part of this webpage.
  The banana coin shown above this writing is used as a currency of money in DKC 2 for all the Kong family members. You pay 2 Banana Coins to save your game at Kong Kollege, 1, 2 or 3 Banana Coins to play at Swanky's Sideshow and a certain amount of coins for certain information you can get from Cranky. You can find these banana coins spread randomly throughout the levels and worlds of Donkey Kong Country 2.
The bear coin is used in DKC 3. They are used for a currency of money for the Brothers Bear. You can pay 2 bear coins to play a game at Swanky's Sideshow. You can also pay different amounts of coins to the different bears in the Brothers Bear. You can find bear coins spread randomly throughout levels and worlds in Donkey Kong Country 3.

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