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Week Two

Swanky: Welcome to Week Two at the Big Banana House! I'm your host, Swanky Kong! Thanks to
               your votes, we have determined who is the first contestant to be banished from the Big Banana
               house. Let's talk with the contestants now and tell them who's out.

Inside the Big Banana House in the family room
Wrinkly: I wonder who's out?
Kiddy: Hopefully not Tiny...
Dixie: *whispering to Diddy* I really don't care who leaves, Cranky's a mean old ape, and Tiny's a bratty
          little girl...I'd like them both to leave!
Diddy: I agree totally...
DK: Well, I've rolled the TV in from the closet...Swanky's ready to talk to us.
Swanky: a difference of 50%, we have determined who is out of the Big Banana house.
Candy: *muttering* Obviously a landslide vote...hopefully the old timer's gone.
K-Rool: *thinking in his head* Hopefully the little brat will have to leave!
Swanky: The Kong leaving the house is...Cranky Kong. Please pack your bags, you have two minutes to
              say good-bye, and then you must leave the Big Banana house.
Cranky: My bags are already packed, thank heaven I'm out of here!
Swanky: Ahem, please make it quick Cranky. The rest of you contestants, back to your business.
Cranky: *picking up his bags* Goodbye all, I'll be playing good ol' arcade games, starring me of course.
             Hopefully you'll all realize what a stupid game this is, and you'll just leave the house. Adios!
Wrinkly: Bye dear...
Lanky: He's down, six left to go.
DK: I'll put the TV away. *rolls it away*
Tiny: *turning to Dixie* Now Dixie, will you get me a chocolate bar from the kitchen?
Dixie: For you? Get a life! Oh, I forgot, you don't have one.
Tiny: If you don't, I have this... *flashes the kissing photo to Dixie*
Dixie: Oh,'ll pay one of these days...*heads for the kitchen*
Kiddy: Can you get me a chocolate bar too, Tiny?
Diddy: Shut up, Kiddy.
Wrinkly: I'm headed for bed...I'm getting tired.
Candy: Me too. Night everybody.
Lanky: I'm going to my room. Goodnight!
DK: Phew, I'm back. Wanna have a banana before bed, Diddy?
Diddy: Sure, DK!
DK: Let's go to the kitchen, then! *walks toward kitchen*
Diddy: Hey, wait for me!
K-Rool: That was a downright dirty trick Tiny played...I'll have to even the score somewhat...not for Dixie's
              sake, but for my own. After all that little weasel got me in trouble, too. She'll pay the Kremling price!

It's a new day, and the contestants have all awakened. They are eating breakfast in the kitchen.
DK: Delicious breakfast as always, Wrinkly.
Wrinkly: Why thank you, dear.
Diddy: Is it because breakfast is always banana muffins, DK?
DK: Yeah...they're so good! *burps*
Candy: DK, please excuse yourself.
DK: *sarcastically* I'll be right back.
Tiny: *slaps forehead* Even I'm not that stupid, DK!
Dixie: Tiny, shut up! *puts a hand over Tiny's mouth* He's being sarcastic.
K-Rool: Has anyone seen Lanky? He ate his dinner and left without a word...
Kiddy: I did find that funny...maybe it was the diaper he found on the pole he always handstands on this
           morning. *smiles wickedly*
Candy: How could you do that to Lanky, Kiddy? You cruel, simple-minded baby! Go to your room!
Kiddy: *sticks tongue out* Who's gonna make me?
Wrinkly: I will, Kiddy. That is not good off.
Kiddy: *hanging head* Yes, Wrinkly.
Wrinkly: And when you're ready to apologize to Lanky and Candy, you may come out of your room.
K-Rool: *muttering* I think I might have to do something about Kiddy...Lanky's the only person I like
              around here and I won't let anyone pick on him.

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: Well, I got Cranky with this blowgun...but Kiddy's too smart, he knows about my trick already. How
           can I get back at him? I gotta think...

In Kiddy's Room
Kiddy: I guess I did do wasn't nice to put the diaper on Lanky's pole. I was just having was
           too irresistable. What am I gonna do, I was only having fun...
Tiny: *walks in* You should just apologize and get it over with. After that, just do something I would do.
Kiddy: Like?
Tiny: Suck up to Wrinkly a little, and then you'll be in her favor again.
Kiddy: Good idea! *walks out*
Tiny: Wait up, Kiddy! *walks out*

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: *picks up radio* Krusha, Krusha, are you there Krusha?
Krusha: *over the radio* Reporting for duty, sir!
K-Rool: Krusha, please drop in Secret Weapon #1 at 3:00 it?
Krusha: Isn't that very early in the morning, sir?
K-Rool: Of course you numbskull! It's so that those mangy Kongs won't ever see it...until it's too late!
Krusha: We will do it, sir. Expect the Flying Croc to arrive at 3:00 AM with Secret Weapon #1.
K-Rool: Well done, I'll be waiting. I'm signing off. *disconnects radio* Well, when I get someone I hate
              I get them good...Tiny's gonna get what she I always say, fight fire with fire! HA HA!

In the family room
Wrinkly: I'm sure Kiddy didn't mean what he said, Candy.
Candy: I expect a full apology from him, whether he meant it or not!
DK: Calm down Candy honey, here comes Kiddy now.
Kiddy: I'm really sorry for talking mean to you, Candy.
Candy: That's okay, Kiddy.
Tiny: Candy, you have to admit it you were a little cruel to Kiddy after hearing about his trick.
Candy: *thinking* I can't believe a five year old is lecturing me! She does have a point, though.*talking out
             loud* I'm sorry for being a little harsh with you, Kiddy.
Kiddy: No problem...I did do wrong, I deserved it. It was all me.
Tiny: *thinking* Way to go, Kiddy! Suck up to Wrinkly!
DK: *thinking* Kiddy's sucking up...
Wrinkly: Good boy, Kiddy. You can have a banana for acknowledging your faults.
Kiddy: Thanks Wrinkly! *heads for the kitchen*
Tiny: I'll go with him! *leaves into the kitchen*
Wrinkly: Isn't that just great how Kiddy's learning to take responsibility for his actions?
Candy: Yeah, wonderful. *rolls eyes*

In the kitchen
Tiny: Way to go, Kiddy! You played that perfectly!
Kiddy: Thanks Tiny, I did do good didn't I?
Tiny: Fortunately for me I don't have to suck up, since I have that evidence on Dixie. *smiles wickedly*
Kiddy: Let's go, I've got my banana and I want to go for a swim in the lake. You coming? *steps out*
Tiny: Sure, wait up! *runs to catch up with Kiddy*
Dixie: *steps out from the pantry* Well done, my tape recorder. With this audio tape I can prove once
          and for all that Tiny's a brat and Kiddy's not really taking responsibility...and Tiny's little picture will
          be useless... *laughs*

In Lanky's Room
Lanky: I have no trick to play on Kiddy...I'll talk to Dixie, she understands what pain I feel. She's got a little
           sister...I'm sure glad I'm not her! *walks down the pole outside of his room*

In K-Rool's Room
K-Rool: With my secret weapon Tiny will no longer be a threat to me...she'll be begging at my feet by the
              time I'm done with her! *walks out to the family room*

In Diddy's Room
Diddy: I'm going to have a rest...when I wake up my mind will be fresh and I can think of something to
           please Dixie...ah what a lovely place this is. *falls asleep*

In the kitchen
Dixie: Well, now that I've taken care of that I'm going to start making lunch.
Lanky: *walks in* Dixie, can we talk?
Dixie: Sure, what's up?
Lanky: We need to go somewhere private.
Dixie: How about your room?
Lanky: But only I can climb the steep pole...
Dixie: I can hairspin from the tree outside and into your room through your window.
Lanky: Okay I'll open it. See you in a few!

In Lanky's Room
Dixie: *floats in* I'll close the window.
Lanky: Thanks Dixie.
Dixie: Now, what do we need to talk about in private?
Lanky: Basically, I'm furious at Kiddy for what he's done.
Dixie: I could tell...
Lanky: Anyways, I have no way to get back at him...any ideas?
Dixie: I have already finished a plan that will expose both Tiny and Kiddy for who they really are...
          all I need you to do is distract Tiny and Kiddy while I play the tape for everyone else.
Lanky: Thanks Dixie, you're the best!
Dixie: No prob...I guess I'll slide down the pole and hope for the best. I need to make lunch now.
Lanky: I'm right behind you!

Outside at Lake Orangatanga
Kiddy: Tiny, I have a bad feeling. Dixie hasn't done anything to you about that picture.
Tiny: I have found that strange. However, didn't you see her in the kitchen this morning?
Kiddy: Of course, making breakfast.
Tiny: NO, Kiddy, she was hiding in the pantry, I saw her ponytail. She was doing something, I just
        don't know what.
Kiddy: I thought I heard a buzzing sound, like a tape or something.
Tiny: That's it! She must have been recording our conversation! If Dixie shows that tape to Wrinkly,
         our days are numbered! We have to get back to the house right now!
Kiddy: Wait up!

In the family room
Dixie: Attention everyone, I have something I'd like you all to hear.
Wrinkly: What is it, dear?
Dixie: Lanky, would you be so kind as to get my red box from my room?
Lanky: Lagoo! *runs off to Dixie's room*
DK: This had better be good...I'm bored.

In Dixie's Room
Tiny: *climbs in through window* Look, there's her red box!
Kiddy: *climbs in behind* So?
Tiny: She puts all her important stuff in there. The tape's probably in there.
Kiddy: She has a combination lock on it!
Tiny: My poor sister has no idea I already know her combination. *fiddles with combination* There!
Kiddy: There's a tape! It's labelled 'Dixie's Secret Tape'.
Tiny: Sounds right to me...let's go! *grabs tape*
Kiddy: Right behind ya!
Tiny: But wait...I'll place a tape with country music in there...that should make my sister feel great!
Kiddy: Let's go out the window!
Tiny: Someone's coming, make it quick! *jumps out window*
Kiddy: Wait for me! *jumps out window*
Lanky: *enters the room* There's the red box...I'll bring it to her. *leaves room*

In the family room
Lanky: Here's your red box, Dixie.
Dixie: Thank you...please insert the audio tape into the tape player, Lanky.
Lanky: It's in!
Dixie: And now, I'll press play...*'I Feel Like a Banana' by Vine-ia Twain starts playing*
DK: Cool music, Dix! I'm not bored anymore!
Dixie: This isn't it! Lanky, where's my box?
Lanky: Right here!
Dixie: The tape, it's gone!
Wrinkly: Let's just enjoy this, dear. You'll find your other tape later, it can't have gone far.

In Tiny's Room
Tiny: Okay Kiddy, let's put this tape in my playhouse microwave.
Kiddy: Why, that's an obvious spot!
Tiny:'s such a stupid spot, Dixie would never look there.
Kiddy: How do you know she'll look?
Tiny: Believe me, tonight she'll be in here...guaranteed.

It is a few hours later. All of the contestants have had lunch.
DK: Wonderful dessert Candy! Banana Cream Pie is my favorite!
Candy: I thought Chocolate Banana Pie was your favorite...oh wait, before that it was Banana Chestnut Pie...
            silly ape, you're welcome. I've got some leftover for tonight!
DK: Banana Slammma!
Lanky: I heard it's time for the challenge...let's head over the family room, Swanky's ready for us to start.
Diddy: Let's go!

In the family room
DK: I've set up the TV and microphone. Swanky's about to speak.
Swanky: Hello everyone, time for the challenge. Head out for the backyard, this one's gonna be outdoors.
Tiny: I'll get there first!
Diddy: Not if I can help it! *kicks Tiny out of the way*

In the back yard
Swanky: The objective of this challenge is for you to be the first to find 3 selected items in the backyard.
              They are all well hidden. You must find a pine cone, a sports cone and an ice-cream cone. The
              first of you to find all 3 of your items wins a free ticket out of getting banished this week. Plus,
              you'll win that TV and VCR! Ready, get set, go!
DK: *looks under a bush* Nothing here.
Kiddy: *knocks on DK's head* Nothing there either!
DK: *picks up Kiddy* Get lost, you pest! *throws Kiddy across the yard into the swimming pool*
Kiddy: *gets up out of the pool* Stupid cone...get out of my way. *turns around* CONE! I'll mark
            sports cone down.

It is a half hour later, and all of the Kongs have found the sports cone and the ice-cream cone. They are still however looking for the pine cone.

Candy: Where could it possibly be?
K-Rool: Perhaps in the outhouse?
Kiddy: What kind of a stupid spot is that?
Diddy: Something I'd try! *opens door* Is it in here? *sees pine cone, and decides to pretend he hasn't*
            Nope, nothing in here. *walks back to Swanky*
Tiny: Why is he heading for Swanky?
Kiddy: He's probably just going to the other side of the yard.
Lanky: I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back. *heads for the outhouse* IT'S HERE!
Candy: What's there?
Lanky: The pine-cone!
Tiny: Oh no, it's too late!
DK: Diddy's won the game.
Swanky: Congratulations Diddy, you've won a free ticket out of getting banished! The rest of you could
              still get marked for banishment. Also well done, you've also all won the TV and the VCR!
              Back into the house, time to vote for who you nominate to be banished this week.

In the family room
Wrinkly: I'll vote now...I'm heading for the yellow room.
Swanky: Alright Wrinkly, please give me two contestants you wish to nominate and why.
Wrinkly: I really hate nominating any of my dearies, but if I have to nominate it would be K-Rool and
              DK. I vote for K-Rool because he's our enemy, and for DK because he's stealing all of my
              bananas for cooking.
Swanky: Thank you Wrinkly. Next!
Dixie: I'd like to nominate Tiny and Kiddy. The reason I voted for them is because I somehow feel that
          they together managed to ruin my plans of exposing them.
Swanky: Thanks Dixie. Next!
K-Rool: I'd like to nominate Kiddy and Candy. The reason...I just feel like it!
Swanky: Um, thanks K-Rool. Next!
Kiddy: I'd like to nominate Diddy and Candy. I nominated Diddy because he's my long time enemy, and
           I nominated Candy because of how she talked to me this morning.
Swanky: Thank you Kiddy. Next!

All of the contestants have voted, and the verdict has been made. Swanky is about to break the news of who's been nominated to the contestants.

Swanky: After counting all of the votes, I have determined that Kiddy and Candy have been nominated for
              banishment. Have a good afternoon, the verdict of who's out will be soon.
Kiddy: Me? I'm innocent, why would I be nominated for banishment?
Diddy: *mumbles* Because your friend list is the same size as your brain...very minute.

The votes are in, and Kiddy and Candy are up for banishment from the Big Banana House! Who's going to get booted out of the Big Banana House next? Will it be the michevious Kiddy, or that beauty Candy? Only you can decide who's out by voting in the poll below!

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